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Catching Up With Annabel Gat and Learning About the New AstroGuide App!

The Astro Guide : Astrology by VICE App recently launched, and Annabel Gat is one of the key expert astrologers behind this gorgeous (and user-friendly) new platform.

We recently caught up with Annabel to learn more about her work, some astrology basics and what to expect from Astro Guide

Annabel Gat is an astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research. She holds a Horary practitioner’s certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology and is a respected tarot reader.

Annabel has been a part of the astrological and occult community in New York City since the early 2000s. Her astrological and tarot consulting practice opened in 2009. She taught at New York’s Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment from 2010 through 2012, and has been writing about astrology and the occult since 2013. She founded Hypatia Group in 2015.

She has a wildly popular international daily and monthly horoscope column with Vice (take a look at the newly launched app, Astro Guide, here), and she has been featured in many places, such as MTV News, Tidal, CosmopolitanDazed and Confused MagazineInternational Business TimesFusionBustleHello GigglesThrillistEaterWomen’s Health, the Columbia Journalism Review and more.  

Source: AnnabelGat.com

Catching Up With Annabel Gat and Learning About the New AstroGuide App!

Annabel Gat, source // AnnabelGat.com

What got you started in your studies of astrology?

My family had a few astrology books around the house when I was growing up, so I got into it early. I got my first book on the Aries personality during a trip, which was the same weekend Princess Diana died. I think like most young people, learning more about myself was so fun and astrology was a great way to do it since it was a blend of two things I was very attracted to: mythology and psychology.

What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned, thus far, on the path?

I learn a lot of amazing lessons and then I forget them, to be honest. Once you learn something, you almost don’t need it anymore? Right now, I’m in the process of learning about embodiment. Hopefully, I’ll learn that soon and be able to forget about it.

Who are some of your favorite voices within the space of this study?

My teachers Anne Ortelee and Mark Wolz are my forever answers to this question. Of course, all my students, too!

The Astro Guide app is such a gorgeous, and user-friendly platform! Can you share a bit about what sets this apart from other astrology apps on the market?

Source: Astro Guide App on the iTunes store

Astrology can be done with AI these days, but our app is all real, living astrologers behind Astro Guide (myself, Randon Rosenbaum, Priya Kale, Lexi Ferguson, Ashley Otero and our editor Sara David).

We have over fifty years of experience between us, with various interests and specialties as astrologers. We all committed to this concept of cosmic wellness: The ability to check a horoscope and use it as a tool to manifest your own destiny.

Source: VICE

What are some of the key features that one can explore with the pro/premium membership?

Pro gets you your extended daily forecast, in-depth weekly lunar self-care horoscopes and unlimited spins on our compatibility wheel.

What are the essential elements of understanding one’s sun, moon, and rising signs?

The sun, moon, and rising are just parts of a very large picture. The sun symbolizes our ego and will power, and has a lot to do with our goals. The moon is much more our inner self, symbolizing safety and emotions. The rising sign is the face your show to the world.

If I were planning a party and needed to ask friends for help, I would consider the sun sign to decide what they would be best at offering. If I were going to cook someone a meal and organize a cozy night in, I’d look at that person’s moon sign, and if I were going to style someone for an event, I’d look at their rising.

How do you foresee AstroGuide expanding over the coming years?

The sky is in the limit! In my wildest dreams, I would love to have a podcast attached to it, as well as features that help people learn astrology.

I love how AstroGuide has a quick feature for checking compatibility with romantic relationships. Do you have any fun stories you can share about navigating love with astrology?

There are so many! Most of my clients book a consultation with me about love, and with the eclipses coming up this summer, I’m sure a big flurry of people wanting to ask if someone is “the one” will flood in.

Eclipses often make things feel so destined, so questions about soulmates often come my way. But, I think if I could impart one piece of knowledge to people reading this, it’s that we’re all each other’s soulmate. We’re all one! And staying on a path of inner healing and knowledge will help you in every relationship you’re in.

Speaking of which, you have a new book, The Astrology of Love and Sex, coming out soon! Please let us know a little bit about what inspired this work, and what we can learn from this exciting new release!

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As a younger person, I would loiter in bookstores for hours in the occult section, and the astrological compatibility books were some of my favorites — but i knew i could write a much better one! I wanted to write a book that moved away from the outdated ideas about love and sex from the last century and write something people could actually relate to, today.

For a beginner into astrology, what are three key things one must know!

Astrology is really hard, don’t let that deter you from studying, you don’t have to memorize everything today, attend as many in-person classes and meet ups as you can, book learning is amazing and important but conversation with other astrologers will bring you a lot of value, too.

Best piece of advice when it comes to integrating this path into your daily life?

Don’t integrate it too much. If you live your life worried about the moon being void, then astrology has changed from a tool for empowerment to a source of anxiety. We have free will.

How can we learn more about your work?

Check out my work on VICE! And my book of course, other than that, my instagram.com/annabelgat and my twitter.com/annabelgat_! My website is annabelgat.com.

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