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Ayahuasca Inspired Me to do Something I didn’t Believe I Was Capable Of

After writing that title I realized it was more than one thing, it actually opened something in me that continues to inspire.

After much contemplation, what I have come to realize is that Ayahuasca really didn’t give me any one thing, in particular, it actually helped me to strengthen my connection to something greater.

I say something because I don’t really like the word, God. In this case, I also feel “spirit” just doesn’t cut it either. It’s the connection to the source of everything that is. As I travel on this path of life, I realize it’s a connection we all have (to varying degrees) and Ayahuasca helped clear a lot of shit that was essentially blocking this connection.

Visionary Art

This leads to a very important realization I’d like to share.

Maintaining, and even strengthening, that connection happens long after the ceremony. It’s the integration. It’s something I don’t speak much about in the documentary I was inspired to create after traveling to Brazil to participate in a 2-week retreat and 4 ayahuasca ceremonies. It is important beyond measure to have a practice in life period. So if you think anyone thing alone like plant medicine will make a permanent change in your life you are mistaken. However, it can open a channel, clear the way and give you an opportunity to become who you really are and here are two of many things that were previously impossible (or so I thought) that I was able to do.

That was the first inspiration to express in a way I had never before.

I was going to make a documentary about Ayahuasca to share some truth about plant medicines and my experiences for free on the internet. I had never filmed anything before this, no editing or lighting skills, just this confidence that it could and would get done. There was no doubt. No expectation, but I didn’t know where to start.

So I did what I always try to do now when setting out on a new adventure.

I set an intention.

To share my story, and a largely untold story of the other side of plant medicine I could share with my parents, friends, colleagues and basically anyone else who had been misled about the topic for whatever reasons.

I would put it out there for free with the hope to connect with whoever needed to see it. And so it was.

I spent over 2 years speaking with people, recording interviews (at times with some great help I must add) and learning how to edit along the way. The result was something I’m extremely proud of that has at the time of writing this article over 35k views! Imagine that!

What was impossible became quite possible, and the medicine told me I could do it…and I totally believed it.

But that wasn’t the only thing…

In a subsequent ceremony in Costa Rica at the incredible Rythmia Life Advancement Center, I heard the voice of an angel. It sang to me as I had never been sung to before. His name was Chris, he was an ayahuascero from Colorado who had spent the last year teaching himself to sing while in the Colombian rainforest doing Yage dietas in isolation.

To say his voice blew me away was an understatement, but it wasn’t only the sound, it was the connection of the energy in his voice to my experience. I had realizations about how we all have these beautiful voices but never sing and then the thought arose….

What would you think if the birds stopped singing?

Friends singing and dancing at the beach

I know what I would think, that something was terribly wrong. How often do we as humans sing? To ourselves? To each other? Is something wrong with us?

As I lay there under the influence of the medicine I simply thought I wish I could sing…to which the voice of mother aya responded immediately with complete conviction…you absolutely can.

You just need to try.

And so it was, I went home, blew the dust off my acoustic guitar and found my voice. I had tried singing a million times before and the words just wouldn’t come out.

Now however there was a different inspiration. I was singing about ideas that meant something. I sang with intention, from my heart and it made all the difference in the world. I mean, ask me now to sing a c sharp I’ll have no idea where to start, but ask me to sing to you about something I love and the song will just pour out of me and come to life.

It then became apparent there were two types of singers/performers. Those looking for validation, wanting people to like them, trying to impress the listeners, and those trying to connect with the listener, to convey a certain story, feeling or message. This subtle shift in perception made all the difference in the world and ayahuasca had changed my life yet again.

The gift that keeps on giving, that combined with continual integration of learning, meditation, reflection, community, doing things that give purpose and much more has changed my life in so many ways.

If you’d like to watch the documentary for free you can here www.psychedoutmovie.com

I’ll also be teaching at Rythmia July 7-14 and again in November. You can get more information about those experiences here: https://rythmia.link/bartolomeoevent

I would love to connect with you on social media on Facebook The Elemental Awakening or Instagram @thelementalawakening or my personal page.

Much love and gratitude for reading this article and please share the doc if you resonate with it!!

Article by Giovanni Bartolomeo

Giovanni is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for creating deep connections with others and also creating environments for these types of connections to take place with others.

Giovanni was the first certified Wim Hof Method Instructor in Canada and has been practicing the method ever since. He has incorporated that into his Elemental Awakening Program where he uses a few simple yet effective tools that we all have access to which in turn can help each individual realize their maximum potential. ​

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