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How Oracle Cards Can Open Your Mind and Allow Deep Connection to the Present

Temet Nosce // Know Thyself

The Matrix (1999), which is our modern day version of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, has a rather famous scene, where the protagonist, Neo, goes to visit “The Oracle”.

While in her apartment, above the kitchen door, the ancient Greek aphorism, Temet Nosce (“Know Thyself”), hangs.

The Oracle does not offer Neo answers, but instead, speaks in riddles, instinctually aware of time and its potential. Her insight sets Neo on the Hero’s Journey to find out who he really is, and what he is truly capable of.

Oracle Cards for Self Inquiry

Amenti Oracle : Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook by Evolve and Ascend founder, Jennifer Sodini, Illustrated by Natalee Miller

An oracle card deck, as a system of self-inquiry, is a powerful tool, which allows its users to find insight and wisdom through the exploration of the subconscious mind. Using an array of symbols, colors, words, and imagery, the cards speak to and activate the imagination and intuitive faculties of consciousness. While some may consider the cards to be a system of divination, in reality, they are more of an instrument, which allows a deeper connection to the present, as the “future” is the eternal now.

Through the practice of seeing, connecting to, and working with the cards, you’re better able to identify and understand the invisible patterns your thoughts are putting out into the world, and thus, in return, you are able to connect to a deeper level of awareness, mindfulness, and empowerment through the process.

How to Introduce Oracle Cards into Your Daily (or Weekly) Practice

Oracle cards are truly a choose your own adventure game! The practice is highly intuitive, and playful, and is not a one-size-fits-all model. The best way to introduce the cards into your “spiritual toolkit” is to refine, and connect to, your intention for working with them.

If your intention is for daily insight, you can pull cards (or a card) each morning as a barometer to help navigate the energies ahead, or you can use the card pulled as meditation (or mantra) for the day.

You can also begin each week with the cards (every Monday, Amenti Oracle offers a “Spread of the Week”), as a way to map and encourage synchronicity.

It may also be of value to set aside time for the New Moon (the time for planting seeds of potential), and Full Moon (the time where intention blossoms), to work with, and find a relationship to these cycles of time while using the cards as a method of deeper connection.

What makes each oracle deck different?

Amenti Oracle’s “Knower and Known” Card Spread

One of the beautiful, and holistic, aspects of working with oracle cards is that they have the opportunity to create systems of insight which can be simultaneously complementary and unique. An oracle deck can be designed on almost any topic within the spectrum of human (and spiritual) experience. Decks exist for different purposes, but all carry the same intention of self-actualization and connection to the greater systems of energy that exist within our living universe.

We all learn, and relate to, the information in different symbol sets, aesthetics, and wisdom traditions – thus are the beauty of the oracle, as each deck can speak to the unique aspirant it has been designed to relate to.

What sets the AMENTI ORACLE DECK apart?

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What sets AMENTI apart from other oracle decks, is that, while rooted in the ancient Egyptian wisdom encoded in the 42 Ideals of Ma’at, our intention in the ideals explored is to offer a modern resource for understanding the perennial philosophies, which are imbued in almost every wisdom tradition. Offering a holistic worldview, and honoring these sacred teachings, our intention is to explore unity consciousness by making hermetic/occulted wisdom digestible and accessible to all. Although Ma’at is a goddess within the Egyptian tradition, we have explored Ma’at as a living principle, not as an idol, but a series of timeless ideals to embody as we activate and align with a heart as light as feather.

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