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Esoteric Encyclopedia: Dolores Cannon

The vast, unknown depths of the human psyche have long yielded more questions than answers in our humble search for self awareness and significance in the grand scheme. The world’s psychologists and cerebral explorers have rappelled into the collective mind, seeking to understand the science of consciousness in a way that can illuminate our identity and purpose.

Few of these experts have caught a true glimpse of the inner universe, and even fewer have managed to return with a pearl of wisdom capable of altering the world. Among these psychic pioneers is the legendary Dolores Cannon, a renowned hypnotherapist, author and speaker who has transformed the field of past life regression and quantum healing.

Dolores was born in 1931, in the town of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. At the age of twenty, she married Johnny Cannon, a US Naval man who was regularly deployed to various oversea assignments. To accommodate this, Dolores traveled with Johnny across the world for 21 years, somehow managing to raise a family of 4 children at the same time.

Reincarnation was introduced to Dolores in 1968, when a series of life altering circumstances made their debut. The Cannon family had already begun to explore hypnosis as a hobby, using it to correct simple habits like smoking and weight loss. While stationed at a Naval base in Texas, Dolores and Johnny were asked by one of the doctors to help a patient with hypnosis.

The woman suffered from Nervous Eating disorder, was extremely obese, had high blood pressure and suffered from kidney problems. The doctor thought it would be extremely beneficial if hypnosis could be used to help the woman simply relax.

Midway through the session, the woman unexpectedly began describing scenes from a past life where she was a flapper, living in Chicago in the roaring 1920s. Dolores and Johnny watched as the woman literally transformed into a different personality with different vocal patterns and body mannerisms. Despite being highly strange and completely inexplicable, they decided to go with the flow of the session and see what they could find out by exploring. Over the next several months, Dolores and Johnny regressed the woman through five different and distinct lifetimes back to when she was created by God. The entire story of this event is told in the first book Dolores ever wrote, Five Lives Remembered (2009).

These sessions took place at a time when past life regression was a nearly unheard of concept. There was no New Age movement yet, Metaphysics was still decades away and there were simply no books, instructions to guide or resources she could use for a case like this. This, however, proved to be a blessing in disguise as it prompted Dolores and Johnny to write their own set of rules, develop their own technique without oversight from an established medical body and meant that they were not limited or confined in their approach in any way. As a result of not having anyone to tell her what to do, how to do it or what was or was not possible, they experimented with insatiable intrigue and enthusiasm.


Later that year, Johnny Cannon was hospitalized after a drunk driver almost killed him on his way to work. He was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, prompting the family to relocate to the Ozark mountains of Arkansas where Dolores could focus on raising her 4 children on a military pension.

When the Cannon kids had grown up and left their small town home, Dolores began to practice Hypnotherapy full-time in the late 1970s, taking on any case regardless of the circumstances. This attracted an abundance of clients interested in reincarnation and their own past lives.

The early hypnosis sessions were profoundly successful, and many clients described their prior lives with vivid detail. Dolores was eager to confirm the validity of these stories. She spent weeks researching the eras described, right down to the food, clothes, language and philosophy, finding their illustrations to be exceptionally authentic.

After the groundwork was laid through thousands of accurate sessions, Dolores came to realize that the source of this enigmatic information was not being supplied by the client’s conscious mind, but by a greater, unexplored aspect of their psyche hidden from their awareness; what she called The Subconscious.

Through diligent refinement of the hypnotic process, Dolores developed a groundbreaking technique to access The Subconscious through voice, imagery and visualization. She called this the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, capable of swiftly inducing the hypnotic state to communicate with The Subconscious of any individual while providing “a basis for instant healing”.

Despite the growing interest in reincarnation, Dolores could not find a traditional book publisher that was willing to take on her preliminary work in this controversial field. After 9 years of research and writing, she managed to publish her first book. This drawn out ordeal inspired Dolores to begin her own publishing company, known as Ozark Mountain Publishing, in 1992. The company has now published more than 50 authors across 4 continents.

By this time, Dolores had become an expert in hypnotic past life regression, but The Subconscious continued to push her past her comfort zone with paradigm-altering recollections, causing her to regularly re-examine her beliefs. One such example of this transpired when a client regressed into a past life where they were a student of the prophet Nostradamus. Nostradamus himself interrupted the session and began to speak through the client in what seemed to be a sort of time traveling channeled message.

Through this client, Nostradamus claimed to be speaking to Dolores while he was alive in the 16th century. He went on to petition Dolores to write a book which illuminated the true meanings of his prophecies, which he insisted were somewhat misunderstood. Nostradamus purposefully wrote his quatrains in a cryptic manner, as they were meant to be decoded far in the future. This book eventually became published as a series of 3 books, entitled ‘Conversations With Nostradamus’.

(GERMANY OUT) Farbdruck, Nostradamus, Michel de Nostredame, vor Buch, in La Maison de Nostradamus, Salon de Provence, Frankreich, (Photo by Rainer Binder/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

As her practice expanded into uncharted territories, Dolores was introduced to the Extraterrestrial phenomenon. Many of her clients began to regress into lives that took place on other planets. Dolores became aware of a pattern in her clients; there were many who had never had a past life on Earth, and expressed that they volunteered to come here for various reasons related to the shift in consciousness currently taking place. She wrote on this phenomenon in a book called, ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth’.

After more than 30 years of investigation and writing about concepts ranging from life and death, reincarnation, the origins of humanity, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, the prophesies of Nostradamus and a wide variety of other topics, Dolores began to realize that the information she was receiving was becoming too broad and diverse to categorize into one, or even several, specific areas. As she has had to adapt to change her entire career, she decided to publish her new work in a series entitled The Convoluted Universe. Dolores has currently published 5 volumes and states that these books are for those people who want their minds bent like a pretzel.


Dolores Cannon passed away on October 18th, 2014. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages, and have become a global sensation. Her legacy lives on through her daughter, Julia Cannon, who continues her work as CEO of Ozark Mountain Publishing while editing her mother’s new books which have yet to be published.

The QHHT® continues to be taught through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, making this innovative method of past life regression available to anyone willing to dive into the unknown. Dolores will always be remembered as a revolutionary mind, and her contribution to the field of metaphysics will continue to influence humanity for generations.




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