Join Us for an Extinction Rebellion Rally on 1/12/2019

If you are in NYC, please come to this event, our friend Daniel Pinchbeck is helping to organize.

A rally for Extinction Rebellion.

We are having a public meeting in NYC on January 12, at the Quaker Meeting House (The Religious Society of Friends, 17 Rutherford Place in NYC), from 2 – 5 PM.

Info is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2205716732973314/

Then a National Day of Action on 1/26.

We need a movement that actually takes off, grows virally, and challenges the government directly to move about 100X faster (actually the US government has been moving backward).

We confront a serious existential threat to our immediate future and certainly the future of younger people living now.

The future owes us action in the present.

This video by the founder of XR presents much harrowing evidence…

If you follow this link, you can learn about the movement’s values and principles: https://rebellion.earth/who-we-are/ .

They are good and clear, including “decentralized and autonomous,” which means anyone can join in and create their own group if they follow the principles and aims.

The 3 goals are:

1. Governments tell the truth about the ecological crisis.

2. We get to carbon neutral by 2025 (I know that seems impossible but that is what the IPCC Report mandates, more or less).

3. Create a system of participatory democracy like a global citizen’s council to keep governments and other sectors of society moving toward these goals. The Green New Deal obviously fits into this as one necessary element.

Attend our upcoming event, and learn more by clicking here.

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