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How to Read Oracle Cards: Lesson of the Day

Reason, memory, perception, will, imagination, and intuition are believed to be the 6 higher faculties of the human mind.

By cultivating and further developing these faculties, a type of “flow consciousness” evolves, as we come into relationship with being an architect of our reality, using the mind as the builder (see: Mind as Builder by Mitch Horowitz).

Neurohacking posits that we have the capability to manipulate the performance (or structure) of our thought patterns, by tricking the brain into creating new neural pathways by using various methods including meditation, plant medicines, nutrition, and more. Memory, will, and reason all enhanced through thinking “outside the box”.

Tarot cards, as a tool of mind exploration (see: Alejandro Jodorowsky Explains the Tarot), can be also a potent medium in perception, allowing new thought patterns to emerge, as exploring the universal archetypes of the collective unconscious lends itself to a greater revelation of self, through self-inquiry.

Intuition and imagination have the ability to be stretched by adding another layer of self-exploration through the study of oracle cards, as a way to meditate on meaning, listen to the voice inside, and reveal different realms of the substance within the structure of your thought.

A new video series by Amenti Oracle, explores how to hack thought patterns, expand reality, and look deeper into the layers of your subconscious mind through learning how to read oracle cards and stretching your intuition to new dimensions.

The first video, “How to Read Oracle Cards”, explores how to look deeper into your “Lesson of the Day” using just ONE oracle card. Check out the video below, and share your thoughts!

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