Come See Us at WITMA (Well-being in the Modern Age) at The Assemblage NoMad on October 25th, 2018

Well-Being in the Modern Age (WITMA) is a live pop-up conversation series discussing our contemporary understanding of what makes humans flourish.

Join us for a full evening of conversation and experiences, 5-10 p.m. EST (doors open. at 4:30 p.m. EST). Panels include…

  • Conscious Capitalism and the New Wave of Business

  • Astrology, Mysticism and the Occult

  • Holistic Well-being, Fitness, and Healing from an Integrative Perspective

  • Neuroplasticity, Manifestation, and Flow Consciousness


Jennifer Sodini, Luke Storey, Kara Erickson, David Sauvage


Chandanni Miglino, Nicla Dicosmo, Kate Miller, Dr. Michael Mollura, Sophie Saint Thomas, Valeria Ruelas, Dr. Nitin Ron, Danielle Paige, Knox Robinson, Katie Horwitch, Tj Reeves, Carson Meyer, Diego Perez, Paul Austin, Julie Pham, Seher Sikandar, Siedeh Foxie,  Colin Bedell, and Daniel Ryan.

Hosted at The Assemblage Nomad, 114 E 25th St. 

See the full schedule for October 25 & Purchase tickets here

We’ll see you there!

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