The Spiritual Price of Urbanized Life

“The Spiritual Price of Urbanized Life” by Frank Giokas

How can One feel so alone – in a bustling, crowded city? 

People often wonder.  The answers may not easily present themselves in the often-misunderstood nature of modern urbanized life.  However, under closer inspection, truth becomes more simply and resolutely clear.  Cities are herding grounds of culture.  A myriad of people, traffic, food choices, art, pollution – all converging to form a unifying principle of self-disconnection.  While it may seem appealing for many to have everything they could ever desire right outside their front door, for most, there is a big sense of something missing.  A loss of home?  Detachment from divine soul-purpose?  Most can’t put their finger on it.  The reality of a wholly fulfilling urban utopia always seems just out of reach.  Why and how can this be so?

The answer is one of environment.  While wild animals connect to the organic electro-magnetic field (EMF) at large as part of Nature’s grand guidance system, most of the world’s human population lives in quite an opposite realm – one of unnatural, harmful, man-made radiation.  Modern cities are playgrounds of unseen frequency.  And their cacophony causes stress to our most wondrous human archetype with every second of repeated exposure.  From man-made EMF and RF (radio frequency) caused by cell phone towers, wireless technology, satellite dishes, electrical wiring of modern homes and the unending array of modern “conveniences” therein, unnatural EMF/RF has taken control over the human being. 


Inside Our bodies, the electrical distress of any crowded metropolis causes disturbance to our human energy grid structure.  

The human energy field is our metaphysical guidance system.  Our brother/sister to Our physical form.  And it feeds on whatever energy One chooses to expose it to by way of environment.  As a result of living in such close proximity to others in every facet of life – homes, restaurants, buses, subways, crowded streets – in a city system, humans are sharing each other’s distress.  Toxicity from environmental stressors fuels inner toxicity, shared by way of our energy bodies, through general human interaction.  This exists whether you are conscious of it or not.  The human will inevitably adapt to environmental frequency and feed on it – good with the bad.

And thus a city’s debilitating frequency persists by way of its unending and ever-persistent lack of connection to Nature at every turn in the cement. When We add the modern city’s crowning aurora of unseen toxicity – a consistent stream of unending surveillance (cameras on every street corner, drones taking traffic views) – We know this is not a sustainable energy model for proper human ascension.  The price of urbanized life is high.  And it is one modern culture is paying for with an elevated price – that of the soul’s ability to reach its highest organic and glowing potential.  With eye opening realization, You will be able to notice and rectify this subtle torture on the human form.  Physically and energetically.  And ultimately, for the greater good of Our singular consciousness.


Many in the world of 2018 consider themselves health conscious.  

Organic food is found in stores whose shelves did not stock healthier alternatives just a few short years ago.  The concept of consumer supply and demand for healthier alternatives has given the “health food store” a whole new meaning.  From Walmart to Shop Rite, Hannaford to Safeway, Haggen to Albertson’s, chain markets are stocking aisles with organic foods, drinks and body products.  We are living in a world of unlimited potential in the realm of healthier edible and topical consumption.  A wonderful blessing indeed.

With the influx of local farms, the growing number of food co-operatives and weekly outdoor/indoor farmer’s markets, a rise in homesteading, community gardens – the food revolution is here.  We are growing in communion: reading into labels on consumable products, eliminating GMO’s from Our diets, choosing local and organically grown options, eating more balanced plates and making wiser choices as a result. 

The food we eat is a huge component to Our overall picture of health.  One aimed at the healing of Our global grid system.  There has been no better time to practice holistically minded health than in today’s modern world.  For the visionary model of truly holistic health to take grounding today, it must include not only food choice – but also choice of external environment.  Where We choose to live is important.  And how We choose to live day by day will dictate how long standing and resilient Our health will be in the years to come.


Enter into 2018 the new paradigm – choice of environment.  

It is becoming more widely questioned.  People are seeking increased rural surroundings in which to live and thrive, raise their families, whether they work in a city or not.  Many are enamored with off-grid living and the potential to sustain self from Mother Nature alone.  The haze of the industrial age – IS WEARING OFF.  We are reverting back to an intrinsic connection with Our divine model.  Nature is not just for “hippie types.”  It is for human beings.  And we, as humans, must honor that.  Why are people moving out of cities at such a fast pace?  And more importantly – why are most staying behind?

 They are feeling the lack of balance in their lives.  And their bodies are awakening to the truth and beauty of Our divine holistic model for empowered human health.  The imbalance felt is not to be questioned solely in the food aisle.  It is, in fact, hidden from plain sight in the realm of unseen and unnatural man-made frequency.  This phenomenon is bigger than the whistle blown on BPA.  We are, when it comes to EMF/RF consciousness, the pregnant woman puffing away – cigarette in hand.  And until the day comes when honest mainstream media reporting, real science, transparency and truth hit Our global population, it is articles like this – and visits with Nature and your local Naturopath – which will shed light on why You are being horribly damaged while You sit, walk, sleep and work.

The world of man-made frequency is changing DNA.  For the worse.  Every single day.  Simply put – if You are reading this on a computer or wireless device of any shape – if You can look at your cellular phone and see a single bar of signal – You are damaging your body on a cellular level.  This will continue until its progression is halted.  Over time, Your body, as it does, adapts to its environment.  But as Blessings be – we have the glorious gift of choice as human beings.  And with this powerful beacon, many are accepting eternal truth, stepping into their power, and shifting from urban to rural environments in honor of themselves and the overall good of humanity’s king/queen stewardship.

The unseen world of unnatural and man-made frequencies is slowly disempowering the healthy balance humans are working hard to make part of their daily lives by incorporating more exercise and better-informed food choices.  It is a silent, hidden weapon.  Make no qualms.  As a technology it disarms quietly and works best under repeated exposure.  Why do you think $700 mini-computers are being given away at phone stores for the low price of an annual membership?  The agenda at play is very effective in its cunning manipulative functionality in the realm of deceit.  

There is full on desire by the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ to limit the overall potential of the human being in the world of 2018.  You are a participant in this social experiment, like it or not.  But rest easy fellow Loves.  You are armed with choice.  And your individuality and connection to higher agency and Unified force is an easily accessible component of mind.  Humans have made great strides in the arena of healthier eating.  But let Us not rest on this one element – let Our eyes see beyond the physical sense to the much larger, holistically minded paradigm of Oneness with our divine potential.  Health is not limited to choices You will make this weekend at a market.  It is also in where and how You choose to live.  How do electro-magnetic and radio frequency (EMF/RF) affect Us All in such poignant ways?

 EMF and RF are ingestible elements, like water or air.  Although you cannot see them, Your body is always fully aware of their effects.  There are two types of frequency – organic, naturally derived radiation and inorganic, man-made frequency.  Let Us explore the latter first.  Cell phones, cell towers, all antennae, computers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, digital “smartmeter” technology – these are just a few examples of extremely dangerous and toxic elements in an ever-growing list of accepted cultural norms. 

Most humans make the choice to use these devices without conscious concern for adverse health risks.  Most pass cell structures on highways and local streets and think nothing of them other than to marvel at their massive, looming perch.  To elevate consciousness beyond mass DISINFORMATION on this subject – that man-made frequency machines are here to help humanity – We must be open to truth.  As strange as it may seem.  To balance and explore in full the new paradigm being offered to Us in Union at this glorious time in human ascension, We must look at this most potent public enemy number one and disseminate.  With hope, Our health will manifest back into alignment with Our core archetype. 

Fellow Humans, this be Our realm – and We are the Creators of Our individual and communal destiny.

The man-made world of EMF/RF constitutes an accepted choice in which 85% of the modern world willfully exposes itself to everyday.  If You live within range of a cell phone tower, You are a participant in Your own destruction.  EMF and RF cripple and strangle every cell of the human body during even small periods of exposure.  Cellular technology is commonly portrayed and thought of as a “can’t live without it” extension of the 2018 human hollywood experience.  It is a magic spell snuck passed the gates of Our divinity. 

But alas, truth is the blaring trumpet of Our new health paradigm.  Wireless/cellular does more destruction to the world’s population today than can be expressed in words.  It is literally changing Our world – and the world of Our children – for the worse.  Proven statistic – if You live within a one-mile radius of even a single cell tower, your risk of chronic illness skyrockets 50%.  To see how You are being affected, please visit www.antennasearch.com.  Simply enter Your address and all current and forthcoming cell structures, small to large, within a three to four mile vicinity of Your home will show with 100% accuracy.

 In 2018, We cannot sue a cell phone tower company or service provider for the glaring health risks caused by long term exposure through this demonic technology.  There is an anti-human agenda to keep these harmful, unseen and man-made frequencies hidden.  As luck would have it, there are pure hearted, privately funded scientists, doctors, therapists, environmentalists and reporters who are proving beyond any shadow of doubt that this umbrella issue is a real threat to human health.  We must use Our HEARTS to ditch the program and allow only Our human bodies to be Our guide.

We are organic beings.  

Built of natural, organic matter.  We are NOT robots and machines.  As such, We do our bodies much harm by feeding it unnatural, man-made radiation: day in, day out, without question.  While modern mainstream programming instills a robotic/cyborg/AI culture to humanity’s psyche from multiple angles and avenues, it succeeds in manipulating Our core energy system.  In other words, it is being transfixed as an add-on to Our DNA, unconsciously and subversively.  Invasion of the body snatchers incarnate.  How does One evade it all and work to instill balanced protection of Our core human self?  The answer is as simple as the sun.  Go to Nature.  She will always show You the way.

When an urbanized human makes the choice to leave their toxic nest and chooses to attend communion with Nature, a sense of peace miraculously enters the form.  Nature allows for Oneness with complete and vital relaxation and reconnection.  She does not ask Us to do any more than simply attend.  In turn, She reveals Herself to Us in magical and inspiring ways.  Do You ever pause to wonder why You feel so relaxed when entering Nature?  Your body decompresses on a cellular level upon communion with Your Mother.  It is Your true home.  The constriction of all man-made environmental stressors and inorganic radiation are eliminated upon contact. 

There exists natural, grounding, loving EMF being emitted from the planets and stars.  From the sky.  From the ground You walk on.  All of Nature sways and responds – more accurately, reflects – this rhythm.  A naturally derived electro-magnetic frequency system created to induce pure, organic, wonderfully free and expansive potential in the form of HEALING aid.  Free.  The green of money has no place in Her heart.  Free of disruption, harm, stress, burden and modern, toxic, man-made overload. 

In turn, the human body upon entry to Nature re-aligns and re-affirms cosmic bio-rhythms, inducing a more present, grounded and wholesome state of being.  Whether You explore Nature recreationally or as full-time residents, rest assured, You are home in Her care.  Yet as the old, culturally programmed, demonic phrasing dictates – one We have been manipulated to subconsciously reflect – is that ‘all good things must come to an end.’ 

A time comes for most when You choose to go back to the four walled “home” in the city or town where You reside.  As You approach Your destination, Your head suddenly begins to hurt.  You tense up, slowly recognizing that You are becoming more easily angered and stressed.  You may feel a subtle buzzing in the back of Your tongue like You licked a battery or notice a slight yet ever crippling charge attacking Your muscles and joints.  Your neck feels strained.  As You get closer to dwelling, You calmly remember that mountain clearing or rolling river nestled in the trees. But You soon realize that from where You are now, You can no longer see the sky, stars and moon under the blanket of smog or unnatural light pollution.  Never trust a place where You cannot see the stars.

You arrive at Your dwelling door and think how sleeping outdoors felt so intensely relaxing.  And as You ready for bed, You lay awake, unable to bring Your body to the point of rest.  You suddenly cannot find a way to sleep in the bedroom of Your wired city “home.”  The sheets, mattress and hum of TV brought You so much comfort only a few nights earlier.  Finally FIGHTING OFF the insomnia-induced symptoms, from sheer exhaustion, You find slumber.  You awake the next day in a subtle haze, not feeling nearly as well rested as You had sleeping in Mother’s embrace. You pick Yourself up and re-adapt to an urbanized lifestyle of Your choosing.

Within a few days, Your adaptable human form re-acclimates to the city environment You choose to feed it.  You may continue onward in life without question.  Or You may search for the missing peace within Your soul.  All the while, it is this eternal and individualized soul which reflects to You – implores You – CALLS TO YOU with one burning impulse … “If Nature feels so much more like Home … than my ‘home’ … what am I doing here???”

This, friends in Union, is the entry point to the new paradigm. 

Welcome, with infinite blessings.  It is brought to You exclusively by Nature’s love. A simple and healing organic technology.  There exists a wealth of pure and natural frequencies inherent in Our greater cosmos.  Our Earth is Our grounding rod to this cosmic communion.  The organic signal of these grand healing components is smothered and distorted by inorganic, erratic and toxic man-made frequencies employed for the destruction of humanity and fed through urban environments directly through Your heart center.  To tatter, decimate and control. 

Make no mistake about it, unnatural EMF and RF are the smoking gun.  They are the elephant in any room.  The bull in Our body’s china shop.  Our human form is a magically entuned and intonated, fragile and adaptable vessel of cellular reaction.  It responds to any mix of environmental condition.  Our wondrous DNA is indeed a malleable force.  Mainstream science has proven this in laboratories.  It can be changed and suffice to say, You are the ONLY OWNER of Your majestic vessel.  Choice be Yours and Yours alone.  Regardless of what anyone tells You – YOU are the only driver.  And You have the most glorious gift of conscious choice in Your innate golden tool satchel. 

Health is a choice.  One with many avenues and levels as We ascend the stairway of its most holy paradigm back to source.  Back to God.  Back to Self.  Nature is our greatest and most honest and willing teacher.  Our greatest ally.  She will always bless Your vessel with uncut truth and healing. Choose to listen!  This most-important choice of deciding Your unique external environment is as crucial as the choice between conventional, non-GMO and organic food.  It is Our next glorious chapter in the blossom of Our engaged paradigm upgrade. 

In a city or large town, constantly lit streets, pollution and lack of space all have inherent negative effects on the human body.  A city that never sleeps does not allow for enhanced Circadian alignment and cosmically derived rejuvenation.  Rural days end with the setting of Our sun and begin with Its rise.  Human bodies connect with the unwitting cycles of Mother Nature.  She is older than the oldest rhythm of the soul.  Aligning with Her produces restful and productive sleep cycles, allowing for optimal healing capability.  The human body detoxifies as it sleeps.  If We do not honor our natural alignment with Our Greater Cosmos, we will become less than human.  And we would, in turn, present grave disservice to Our collective humanity in result.

City life flaunts distraction as its greatest “asset” to “life affirming energy.”  But, in truth, being out of balance with the cosmos is the defining characteristic of life energy depletion and non-sustainability.  This modern cultural epidemic only serves to limit humanity’s life-affirming potential. Now and onward as You pass DNA to Your children and they to theirs and so on.  Fast cars, fast ideas, fast lives … rushing, stressing, speeding, pushing, cramming, shoving.  These vibratory states provide disservice to Our ascension as human beings.  And unfortunately, they are everyday reality in urbanized power spots.  Pushing You away from humble, loving, peaceful and ultimately healing vibratory states of being.

In bold connection with reality and Loving truth, cities are but glorious distractions pushing You away from core, individualized and powerful human-ness.  Urban life is here to limit Your potential to fully grow into the most beautiful and unique Spirit You are.  Nature is freedom.  She is Our Healer.  She is Our Home.  Fear, insomnia, traffic, anger, pollution … 150+ cell structures within a 4 mile radius … these destroy Your core humanity.  Your environment is food.  And You have ULTIMATE choice to change how and what You ingest.

 Peaceful tidings and inspired visions to You.  Many blessings.

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