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Chandanni Miglino: Ayurveda, Personal Accountability and Responsibility, Yoga and Healing

Stepping into her highest truth and maximizing the boundless healing properties stemming from sources from Mother Earth’s medicine cabinet and within, Chandanni.com Founder, Chandanni Miglino, recognizes the power within personal choice and responsibility. Finding spiritual, mental and psychological balance through the cumulative benefits of Ayurvedic healing, Chandanni’s spirit and ancient wisdom is an example of the rewards that are reaped when you are in tune with the readily available wonders within the natural world. I caught up with the holistic sorceress to discuss what inspired her to create ayurveda tools of wellness, her journey of health which equates to the ultimate wealth, being within a state of nothingness and more.

What personal experiences led you down the road of utilizing and maximizing the medicinal benefits of Ayurvedic healing?

I started my yoga practice, accidentally, in 1999. Back when I started my yoga practice, it was as though I just went to meet a friend. I wasn’t looking for a spiritual practice or anything of that matter. Upon taking my first yoga class, it really rocked my world. I became this crazy, fanatical yogi from 1999-onwards. I ended up taking my teaching training in 2003, not to necessarily become a teacher, yet because I was just obsessed with yoga and everything that had to do with consciousness at that point. I was living in this yoga bubble from 1999-2004 and at the time, yoga wasn’t as big as it is today. Also at the time, I was going to India. I was living in California. I got married and had yoga babies. My husband and I invested in a yoga studio with our yoga teachers. During the process of owning a studio, getting a teaching credential and going on retreats, I always felt that there was something missing. It was between that time that I found out about Ayurveda. I actually started reading a book about Ayurveda before I went anywhere further down the road with it. I can’t remember the exact name of the book, but it was about a woman’s experience and history with Ayurveda and I instantly became super obsessed. I decided to study it and I studied with Ayurvedic Master, Dr. Light Miller, and from that moment, all seeking seized for me. Until that time, I was still looking for teachers, the meaning of life, etc. But when I started to study Ayurveda, everything came full circle for me.

I perceive that the full-circle experience led you toward leading yourself back to yourself. You know, the ultimate realization of the power of personal choice. The power of knowing that you are your ultimate teacher. The power of knowing that you possess the power within to create a state of wellbeing through your choices, actions and decisions. Also, there are universal tools that are so readily available to all of us. Yoga is so much more than the physical practice. It’s a way of being. It’s a tool to deepen our relationships. It’s a way into personal intimacy. It’s so much more, and it’s exactly whatever you want it to be.

Yes. Yoga is a part of Ayurveda. Technically, Ayurveda is literally translated to the science of life and I like to actually define it as the science and art of life. I think science and art create humanity and separate us from the animals in the jungle. We have the ability to be self-aware. Animals in the jungle and in nature are preconditioned with survival programming. Animals live their lives, they breathe and then they complete their lives. We as human beings have a difference from them. For example, we are able to build cars, spaceships and have all of this creativity because we have the ability to imagine and self-reflect.

Exactly. We have this magical organ that we are able to cultivate. I perceive that one of the ultimate gifts that comes with simply being alive is the ability to develop the most complex organ: the human brain.

Yes. I think that some people have the idea that there is a certain and singular way of living. I think that Ayurveda sees the light and the dark, the good and the bad, as one massive part of this great intelligence, and that when we do become self-aware, and become responsible and accountable for our actions, the byproduct is morality, good conduct, harmony and joy. The ability for us to have positivity/negativity and dark/light is necessary for our own evolution as conscious human beings.

Yes. The deep embrace of the raw human experience.

Yes! Exactly. That is free will. We are not robots. Responsibility comes more so from us as individuals these days. We are creating our heaven and hell, and it has nothing to do with what has happened to us or anything that is outside of us. That is the magic of Ayurveda. It brings empowerment and accountability to every person’s life. It’s a birthright of every human being. It’s universal.

It is universal. As you were coming to the realization of your own personal desire and what you find fulfillment within, what led you towards creating Chandanni.com and sharing what you have learned with the world?

I felt that preaching to the choir wasn’t enough. Being a Mother, being a woman, being a human being that is multicultural, I wanted to serve the world. I think that once you gain insight into some things that work within your life, you just want to share. It’s like baking a cake and sharing it with people that you love. Ultimately, for me, the purpose of life is service. I previously never understood that because I don’t like the idea of charity. I like the idea of sharing and empowering others to help themselves. I wanted to bring this understanding and gift that I become aware of to others. I wanted to share how to integrate and become whole, responsible and ever-evolving. I asked myself how I could translate this practice and share it with other people. At the time that I asked myself this, I was teaching in India once a year. I also created a festival which celebrated redefining the divine feminine. I brought yoga teachers from all over the world and it was an amazing experience, but I knew that I needed to do something that translated to a wider audience. Once I came back home from that trip in India in 2014, I knew that I needed to start a product line. I knew that the best way to help people was to put it in jars and bottles and packets because once they start acting in a healthy and conscious way, then they will make the changes necessary to become free, happy, whole and responsible human beings.

Right. It is akin to the circle of life. Coming to the realization that once you are within your center, you are able to come in touch with your heart, body and minds ultimate desires. I perceive that throughout your entire journey, you’ve consciously chosen to remain a student.

Yes. If you think about it, how can anybody really serve anything at the expense of their own happiness? I feel that even if someone was able to eradicate world hunger or if someone was able to create another planet in which they took human beings to this oasis that was beautiful, if the individuals were unhappy within their own lives and/or suffering within, it would all be a failure. I feel that sacrifice is the worst word in the human language. I don’t believe in sacrifice. I do believe in hard work and dedication, but I don’t believe that it should be at the expense of any human beings life. I feel that if we all truly fell in love with who we were and became these radiant, happy, blissful beings that also have and embrace their moments, that eradicating world hunger would be that much more powerful. Don’t you think?

Yes, absolutely. It is fascinating how you metaphorically laced this because it ultimately leads back to a potent truth: the more each individual takes action and responsibility for their own self-awareness, the more that we will come together as a team of conscious human beings that take action toward creating results that are going to serve a higher purpose and also serve longevity.

I agree. If you think about it, the basis of human conflict has been the inability for us to accept diversity.

Yes, and to accept change.

Yes! Exactly. We all are very afraid of things that are different than us and we are all very afraid of being different than anybody else. Throughout history, there have been pockets of people (women, African-Americans, LGBTQ, etc) that have fought their way to try to break out of this mold of being afraid and being discriminated against. Again, it comes back to the individual. You have to practice being an accountable, responsible, blissful and radiant human being. And in order to practice that, you need the tools. You need the guidance. You need people to encourage you. I felt that this is the message of ayurveda, as it celebrates the individual. It treats the individual. If two people had heart disease, it wouldn’t give them the same medicine….

Right. Every body and mind reacts differently and requires unique attention to detail.

Yes! Every human being, physiologically, is very different. We all have very different energy states. Some foods may work for you that may not work for somebody else. Some environments and jobs may work for you that don’t work for somebody else. Ayurveda recognizes individuality and the uniqueness of science and matter and people. Along those lines, it also has a universal truth that respects the laws of the universe: the seasons of change. Life is right here, right now. You have to cultivate and experience and create and grow and share.

We are all living our lives, right here and right now, whether we desire to or not.

Yes, it is a choice. You can either want to live it or decide to live against life.

Exactly. Back to healing, imagine a world that was cognizant of gut health and maximizing the benefits of clean probiotics rather than constantly reaching for tylenol? There are so many tools that are readily available to us that it baffles me how an individual is able to succumb to illness rather than proactively take action.

Exactly. That is the most pressing issue that we have within our world. People are very, very sick. It is not just sick with extreme diseases. It is emotional sickness. It is psychological sickness. It is environmental sickness. People are sick within their home space. There are so many variables when it comes to your heredity, culture, socioeconomic background, family, etc, and nothing is necessarily to blame, yet nothing can prevent you from ascending. If we as individuals can become integrated, healthy, happy and whole, then it will become like a domino effect. It will move to a critical mass where the planet will start to become healthy because individuals are assuming responsibility and accountability. If individuals move away from their conditioning, programming and past repressions and abuses that hold them back, they are able to heal themselves because they are taking action and responsibility for healing themselves.

Yes. Are there are standout products on Chandanni.com that you’d like to speak of and tell us about?

The most revolutionary part of our brand is our liver cleanse program. I really want to become an advocate and influence to make others understand how important it is to live with the seasons and how extraordinarily effective seasonal cleansing is. It is important to get rid of the acidity and pollutants to alkalize your bloodstream, be more mindful of food choices, and break bad habits within your life that don’t serve you. We do it for our phones and our computers yet we don’t do it for our bodies, even if we are healthy. The most important part of our brand right now is to really usher in seasonal cleansing in an effective and efficient way. We have a two-week liver cleanse program that we offer on our site in which people actually do all year-long, but every three to four months, I participate in one and we do a group, virtual cleanse as well.

Cleansing is so much more than the food choices that we make. We are all consciously or subconsciously collecting environmental toxins daily that must be tended to.  

Our minds are dictated by the chemical state of our bodies. The chemical state of your body is driven by your lifestyle choices. Not only food and drink, yet social habits as well, it goes on and on. Our bodies are being conditioned by what we put into our bodies, and the karma of that is immediate. You are in charge of every single thing that you do within your life every single day. If you take a break from that and put yourself in a condition in which you are selectively choosing to break psychological conditions and habits, you give yourself inspiration and the ability to integrate body, mind and being in a short amount of time. Cleansing adds to longevity. Cleansing adds to inspiration. Cleansing is far more immediate and real than a longing to believe in something that you could never resolve such as a God or a heaven or hell.

Absolutely. What is your idea of a life of happiness?

My idea of a life of happiness is to find happiness for no reason. I define true happiness as bliss.

Happiness is fleeting.

Yes. Ultimate bliss and happiness comes for no reason at all. If you look at children, they just walk around, happy. If they fall down, they feel pain and they cry and all of a sudden, they are up again. We give things reason and manufacture states of happiness and then it becomes contrived which is not real happiness because it is based on conditioning and boundaries. If you peel those conditioning and meanings that we create away, you will see that within your natural state, you are just happy. It is your natural state. There is no other way to be than happy.

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