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Sh*t The Moon Said: The Miraculous and Mystical Journey of Gerard Armond Powell

Transforming a chaotic inner and outer world into a magical kingdom of inspiration and an opportunity for realignment with childlike vibrations, Gerard Armond Powell’s story is one of purpose and serves to showcase that any human being can crawl their way out of the dirt and grime. I caught up with Gerard to discuss the recent release of his new book, ‘Sh*t The Moon Said’, inner experiences that lead to awareness of his opportunities for growth, awakening his inner child through plant medicine, Rythmia and more.

First and foremost, congrats on the recent release of your new book, ‘Sh*t The Moon Said’. I perceive that you really captured the emotional arcs and inner experiences that led you to such embodied clarity of your purpose. Tell us about your desire to share your story with the world.

It all began with a plant medicine experience. I went to the moon and the moon told me to change my life and create Rythmia Life Advancement Center. Therefore, I followed suit and decided to share the journey within a book.

I perceive that you experienced a lot of darkness along the way which ultimately serves to lead individuals toward deeply appreciating the light. Tell us about some of your dark times that led you toward your highest self.

I believe that the darkest times led me to the light. You know, when I was making a lot of money and just living a really crazy, low-vibrational lifestyle, it was all general debauchery. I was sleeping with everybody, using drugs and alcohol and really doing a lot of bad things. I was making a lot of money and as a result, I was able to operate without any backlash.

Absolutely. I perceive that being within those circumstances can lead an individual toward escapism.

I agree!

I perceive that Rythmia has served as both an awakening of your own consciousness and an accelerator to the awakening of visitors consciousness. Tell us about a day in the life of immersion at Rythmia.

We are a center that is more high-end than most retreat centers. It is a nice environment here. We live it here. We do Yoga, Metaphysical Classes, Ayahuasca, you name it. It is a full-on experience.

That sounds lovely. It is as though the center serves and leads individuals back into their core.

Yes, that is exactly it.

You speak of reconnecting with one’s inner child throughout ‘Sh*t The Moon Said’. There is such authentic and fluid delivery within conversation and connection with a child. How has reconnecting with your inner child enhanced your life experience?

I think that the soul reconnection is everything. It is the whole thing. Without it, there is not much.

In a sense, we are slightly blinded by what we all subconsciously pick up throughout life and can forget that ultimately, that fluid delivery that comes with having a conversation with a child is the truth.

I love that! I agree with you.

Can you share some encouraging words of wisdom that will aid in influencing those who are in a dark place at this time?

I just really think that if an individual’s quest is to reconnect with their soul, once you do that, all disease, disorder, and sadness tends to go away. I mean, if you really reconnect. That is the truth of what we discovered.

As there are many individual truths and we as human beings have a choice to create our own truths. What is your current idea of a life of happiness?

I think that you can have it all. I think that it is like “The Quan” from Jerry Maguire. I think that you can have the money, happiness, joy, peace, family, etc. I think that the only limitations are the ones that are self-inflicted.

Yes. Ultimately, money is a tool that serves to create broader experiences and can create more memories, which is the potent and meaningful piece of the human experience.

I agree with you there!

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