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Exploring the Mysterious 38,000 Year-Old Alchemist’s Guide, The Emerald Tablets

Digging up clues of multiple hues which reveal timelessly encoded endowments of psychological magic from hermetic magicians, alchemists and initiates, creative and intellectual curiosity has driven souls toward revelations over lifetimes, yet it is rare to stumble upon such a mind-boggling phenomenon such as the 38,000 Year Old Alchemist’s Guide, The Emerald Tablets.

Introduced into human consciousness as rectangular green plaques with ethereal lettering reflecting the energy within ancient Phoenician script, belief systems have indeed been curated within individuals over the years, yet coming to a definitive has been an archaic and abstruse brain-teaser that has sprouted seeds of peculiar thought. Ancient tales speak of vaults buried in Giza and pre-pharaonic land of Egypt containing pieces of the emerald puzzle, yet those seeking to mentally inject a dose of the purest, highest quality of life have grounded into givers of gentle light immersed in mystery while creating their perceptions of The Emerald Tablets through diving into history. Modern-day circuses of neurons and electrons with their hearts as the ringmaster have integrated the concept that the Greek God, Hermes, traveled across Asia and the Middle East to uncover echoes of wonder within a cosmic realm that carried The Emerald Tablets, yet the rabbit hole lucid continues to deepen.

One of the key musings that has stirred curious individuals pots is the notion of “As Above, So Below” stemming from The Emerald Tablets and attestesting to the power of an aural experience inspiriting oscillation of our universal vibration. Spine-tingling conceptions and energy fields lurking beneath the psyche have emerged through this language of symbolism that has translated the ordinary into extraordinary bigger pictures that have revealed themselves from a kindred angle through this tremendously divine mystery.

As pensive introspection continue to curate beliefs that leave individuals in a perpetual state of wonder, another collection of thought speaks of The Emerald Tablets as a representation of the principles of alchemy. Modern-day mystics and altered states of consciousness spark and speak of the language of symbolism serving as the staircase to an inner heaven that creates the feeling of being an enlightened being on planet earth while some debate that The Emerald Tablets are deemed to be approached as an educational tool serving as the source-book for Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Meddling, questioning and enriching assessment endlessly uncovers celestial frameworks for developing and connecting the universal dots that aid in achieving supremacy of self. The human brain is a multifaceted computer that is coalesced with a conscious quintessence of our own creation and projections. The human brain is an adaptable apparatus for unraveling, decoding, analyzing, and zealously exploring the universe that each individual has created for themselves to live through within this existence. As reservoirs of evolutionary insight and prismatically offbeat bouquets of thought endlessly install new software into the incandescent tale behind The Emerald Tablets, the ancient tale continues to expand and develop. May the shamanistic hieroglyphics continue to awaken vital information and revelations as human beings continue to sprinkle magical thoughts and desires into the ontological fire.

So the story goes.

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