Nikki Lee Kurt’s Palm Mapping: Graphic Storytelling, The Art of Palmistry, and The Healing of Light Language

Multidimensional Palmistry Artist, Nikki Lee Kurt, has stepped into a mindset of abundance through awakening her calling and serving as a source of healing that ignites the cultivation of the higher self. Between kaleidoscopic curiosity and allowing memories of deep pain cascade through fresh rain, Nikki has illuminated the dark into her practice and life work, Palm Mapping, that has created deeper universal understanding of the human experience both within herself and others. I caught up with the source of selfless light to discuss her journey  toward Palm Mapping, igniting self-love and trust within, the powerful connections that she has encountered through her practice, wellness practices and more.

First and foremost, let’s take a deep dive into Palm Mapping. From the outside looking in, what is your intention behind your practice?

My intention behind Palm Mapping is first and foremost to allow people to be fully seen and fully heard. I realize this is such a crucial need for humans especially right now. I once had a healer tell me my drawings were healings in themselves. Within 3 months of these words, I finally understood what he meant as my drawings grant access to knowing that I am fully listening, soon after Palm Mapping was born. It has always been a two-part practice until recently, now it’s a 3! There’s such tremendous self-realization power in the 3 part process: Palmistry + Graphic Storytelling + Light Language. Each of the components builds on the other to connect deep acceptance, transformation, and activations for the mind body and soul. Palm Mapping allows people to shine brighter and more confidently in every aspect of their lives, knowing their full potential and possibility to move forward in any situation.

The Palm Mapping Experience

Palmistry is the foundation for this healing that grants full access and trust through self-reflection through the hand – I am able to see you and your past, present, and future possibilities through your hand.


Graphic Storytelling captures the energy of the moment and the journey through mindful note taking. Throughout the session it embeds the concepts as simple visuals to ensure deeper retention and connection of the healing journey.


Light Language allows a deeper energetic DNA activation to use as a meditation tool during and after the session that’s completely channeled for you and what you want to gain deeper insights on.


What characteristics and/or habits have you observed shift or change within yourself ever since you began practicing Palm Mapping.    

It’s really been a beautiful lesson of gaining deeper confidence and trust – trusting my own intuition and methodologies and accepting signs with an open heart that this is my mission at this time. Believe me, this was the biggest challenge for me. Palm Mapping was truly gifted from the Universe as it combines my love of esoteric wisdom, service, and art. Little did I realize that I had been preparing myself for this my whole life! In the beginning, I had no intention of being a Palmist; I was studying at The School of Oracles for pleasure because I was drawn to it. But really it was because I lacked trust in myself and doubted what I was capable of. Once I finally was aware of the power of Graphic Storytelling assisting healings I knew there was something innately there. However, I thought I needed to work alongside healers drawing out the sessions. I still didn’t trust myself that I could be the healer and the artist at the same moment. I needed some pushes to get me out of my comfort zone from multiple earth angels who were able to see the windows of opportunity being granted for me to step into my greatness. These moments were beautiful reminders that the universe is always presenting ways to help assist us if we’re open to the signs. Once I was faced with the opportunity and gave myself permission to try, it flowed effortlessly and trust was re-established.

The more comfortable I get with myself and my practice, the more deep and profound shifts happen for my clients. I recently studied Light Language with Jayme Price because it was calling to me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to necessary do with it but I listened to the calling. Once I started getting really comfortable sharing it, my guides granted me full access to see how to actually embed it into the full Palm Mapping experience. Through this, I’ve learned to trust my intuition and follow my joys and interests. It’s also a great reminder to know that everything is a work in progress and to just give permission and space to be open to receive new information and modalities. But the most important element for me is trust. Trusting that things will implement when the timing is right to create more profound magic.


I perceive that you have fine-tuned your intuition and ability to deeply and selflessly connect with others. Tell us about some of your personal life experiences that have led you to this place.

Intuition is one of the most important gifts we have as it relates us back to our truth in every situation. Intuition is a gift we all possess however, this third dimension density and our society made from this energy creates a disconnect between it and us. I believe it’s our work to get back in alignment to fully trusting ourselves and knowing thyself fully and completely. The more I trust and know myself, the deeper I can trust in my intuition to serve others.

For me everything is a practice, everyday and always – this without a doubt is the same for intuition. I’m always feeling into things and looking for signs and what is the learning I’m supposed to receive from this situation. Perhaps it’s acknowledging my reaction to a situation or the gift that’s in front of me. It’s really about the trust of oneself. The feeling you can’t logically put into place. That’s when you know you’re trusting your intuition. Also, there are always signs and people around you to remind you if you’re trusting or not.

I’ve always had deep empathy towards all beings and I’m a natural connector and communicator one on one. The intuition part was the hard part to fully trust and allow myself this full access to profoundly connect deeper and below the surface of conversations.

Are there wellness practices that you incorporate into your daily life to ensure that you are taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically? Fill us in.

Wellness is super important in every area of my life. I’m currently ‘home free’ and have been travelling without a home base for the past nine months. It has been a true lesson of getting to know myself completely and to ask for what I need. The biggest challenge is staying grounded and creating the feeling of home everywhere I go. I’m a Taurus so home is really comforting to me. Now, I have to create this sensation everywhere I go. It’s so freeing and also requires a lot of planning.

As I am presently always moving locations, usually once a week, the challenge has been how to create routines and consistency when on the go. I’m still learning this one! A traveling alter has been a saving grace for me. It started with some special stones to help keep me grounded and protected during a Vision Quest I was doing, and then friends kept gifting me stones to help assist on this path. Currently, I create a crystal stone grid by my bed at night everywhere I go. The hardest attachment I had to release in this transition was my alter that I meditated and prayed at every morning in my apartment in Brooklyn. I had to remember, I have the energy of all of my sacred objects with me at every moment no matter where I am! In the morning, I give gratitude for my breath and blessings for what’s about to come and at night I say a prayer of protection, gratitude, and blessings. I love meditation and Kundalini yoga to be present with myself and acknowledge any feeling of internal struggles and ease.

Planes have become a really integral part of my life with lots of travel and it’s where I have the most profound connections with my galactic heritage. Travel time is me time, and me time is something that I value for self reflection and clarity. I use that time to read, meditate, or channel Light Language, and also lots grant myself lots of permission to sleep to connect in the astral planes. Another super important area of connection for me is in nature. It’s my spot for rejuvenation, allowing me to be near trees and barefoot, alongside the elementals and I’m as happy as can be!

And last but super important is food is energy. Knowing the importance of nourishing my body and eating anything but in moderation. Jaquy taught me the power of intention setting and gratitude before consuming food. Not feeling guilt but feeling the love and joy when I consume, even my indulgences – my mint chocolate chip ice cream and salt and vinegar chips.

Bold question, what are your personal beliefs behind what happens in the afterlife?

I’ve seen spirits as energy since I was 16. Anytime deceased family members or others would come to me and I’d sense them, I’d declare out loud, “I do not want to see you!” Many years later, I now do a lot of work clearing and transitioning beings, and am no longer afraid. So yes, I absolutely believe in the afterlife and transitioning is sometimes hard for people due to attachments, so I’m happy that I can help assist in this process.

My personal beliefs are, we are all energy and in the after life, our souls leave the physical form and go back through the ‘tunnel’ and eventually back to our soul identification group. Before we return to our soul family where are heart vibrations are the same, we must understand the lessons we learned over this lifetime and what we must continue to learn. Our spiritual evolution allows us to see everything we need to see, as it exists for us. Sometimes we may need to see family members or guides, and sometimes we’re left alone and innately know everything we need to know.

I do believe we are all working through our lifetimes to regain our access to be alongside Source, our creator. Whatever karmic patterns we have, we are living them out daily and through our lifetimes. Everything comes around as cycles until we chose to close the loop. We do have an identity vibration in the soul and the soul has the direct connection to Source. I believe that there are lives between lives when we are resting and recouping and resetting from the life we just had. Every dimension, planet, universe, frequency is doing this. We rest with our soul families until we’re ready to accept a new mission and reincarnate to learn more lessons on Earth or another planet, wherever we can best serve.

I recently have connected with the Founders of Lyra. The first beings that chose to fragment from Source to fully understand this separation. They are the grandfathers of the human race and now all species are trying to raise their spirituality vibration to get back to Source. In the incarnation process on earth, it’s about remembering who you are and what you’re here to do. I don’t consider afterlife to be scary at all; it feels comforting to me, as it’s our true home and it’s just part of our evolution. We’re spiritual beings that are pure energy, that energy is never destroyed, we just transform and evolve.


If you could sit down and have dinner with either yourself as a young child or yourself as a wizened senior citizen, who would you choose and why?

I would love to see both versions of the unapologetic me! But if I have to choose, I’ll choose the younger version. I adore children, and love their authentic ways of being as they are so open and receptive to all dimensions. As a child I always wanted an all black bedroom with glow in the dark stars. I finally granted myself this when I moved into my own apartment 22 years later, better late than never! The first time I had an out of body experience at seven-years-old, I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone, I didn’t want to scare my mom. It’s funny I wasn’t scared of it but I felt like it would scare her if she didn’t know how to support this. I really would love to be able to go back and meet myself then and to tap into what I really was experiencing as a child and let myself know it’s brilliant to keep this door open to the other side. It’s nothing to fear, it’s just being able to manage and form some boundaries. The power to have that open consciousness of connection and support to know how to harness it and control it as pure Source Light protects you.

I’d also love to have a drawing session with my child self and telepathically connect and create together being fully alive and present! I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil. I’d love to be able to access the knowledge of what was intuitively going through me when I created and to share my practices of Graphic Storytelling with the child version of me, granting permission to use this technique to aid in all of my future learning.

If you hold events, seminars, workshops, lectures or retreats, tell us about them. How often do you hold them and what are some powerful stories you have heard from others who have benefitted from attending them?

I primarily do private Palm Mapping sessions online or in person and can be scheduled through email. I also teach workshops throughout the US and Europe as of now. During the workshops, we create a safe healing space where we learn the basics of palmistry and how to assess our major archetype. At the end of the workshops, I do a live Palm Mapping demo with a lucky participant from the group. Collectively, we assess the hand, and I help advise. Everyone gets to see me behind the scenes, as I walk through my process to uncover the magic of relating the information back to the person, and the conversation that is captured through the personalized drawing. People are amazed and delighted by this experience, feeling empowered, as they are part of the process and seeing how I perform the Palm Mapping experience.

I’m now teaching online monthly activations on the Feel Tank App, a personalized and community-based spiritual classroom, where I teach all things Palmistry and specific themes of how to know thyself through specific signs in the hand. I’m also about to embark on the next phase of my sharing – longer courses that will be coming this Spring/Summer.

I love collaborations! Look out for upcoming retreats, where I’ll be partnering with other amazing healers to deep dive into full body knowing and manifesting your wildest desires.

People usually come to me because they are curious. They like my energy and trust I’m going to support them and their mission. I’m here to empower others to be their best selves. Of course, if something shows up that is something negative, I will show them and tell them things to watch out for and observe. After all, we have the power to change anything in the hand! I had a lovely woman at an event recently who said she had never had a Palm Reading and was a little scared, but she was relieved having the experience at a clothing store she trusted and she really liked my energy. Informing me “You’re not scary at all!” This delighted me as I related to everything she was saying and was grateful to hold space for her! Everyone is blown away by the experiences, as each is unique to the specific person. I trust my intuition and what I’m being led to share and the order I’m sharing it. Some people may need more specific knowledge of Palmistry; some people may need more conversations and Mantra development. People trust me first and foremost. Sometimes people come to me because they’ve seen the art and think it’s cool and others come for specific answers.

My favorite testimonial I received was from a lovely woman in Berlin that I think sums up everything:

“When I first heard about the Palm Mapping workshop, I was really curious to learn more about palm reading and how it can be transformed into a visual outcome. I had some preconceived notions on what palm reading was about, but talking to Nikki gave me a completely different perspective on this practice. The workshop was very inspiring and insightful; through it I learned I can understand myself (and others) better by observing hands. Nikki creates a space for openness and trust in her workshop and this made me really engage and feel mindful about what was being shared. The live Palm Mapping session was the cherry on the top of this experience. Observing Nikki read someone’s palm while listening to this person’s life and simultaneously transforming this information into a beautiful visualization was amazing.” – Alessandra (Berlin)

What is a recent internal challenge that you have encountered which in hindsight served as a powerful lesson?

My most recent challenge has been getting comfortable with sharing more openly and vulnerably. Self-worth and vulnerable communication have always been big blocks for me in this life, areas that I’ve graciously been working through over the years with many modalities.

I recently followed my intuition to Mexico to spend the month of January focusing on everything Palm Mapping and how to bring Light Language into my healing practice. On New Years Eve, I set the intention to be mid-flight, as I felt no connection to physically be in any one location. The universe had other plans for me to create aware of my state when things don’t go my way. My flight got delayed over two hours, and I ended up spending the transition into 2018, exactly how I would have been in the air, but on the ground. I sat on the floor of the Orlando airport, in meditation and channeling written Light Language. This proved to be a powerful onset to 2018 and giving permission that I’m ready to fully understand how to use Light Language in all aspects of my life and it become very clear to me that I must share it as much as possible. I thought I was being gracious sharing once a week, but spirit reminded me, once a day!

If you’re not familiar with Light Language, it is coding from Pure Source Light. All beings in all universes innately communicate through this language and its origins are elemental, galactic, or angelic. It can be written, signed, sang, and spoken. The energies and vibrations are connecting with your higher self that pulls out any information you need at the present moment for deep healing for humans and Gaia.

Sharing openly has always been hard for me, but knowing I was being of service was easy for me. I just had to let go of ego and just trust and share. I did my first recorded video on Instagram giving a transmission and a short introduction to Light Language during the Super Moon in January. I had to get out of my head around perfection and what are people going to say? Before I posted, I considered what would success be if I posted this on Instagram. I decided if at least one  person leaves me a comment of intrigue, then this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I realized as a human I can get stuck in my head a lot around being perfect and manicured (the designer in me). What is manicured anyways? I laugh when saying this as it never fails, anytime I’m giving a Palm Reading, it never fails my nails are always so dirty! I now know this is always my reminder that I don’t have to pretend to be this perfect being. I’m already perfect in every moment as are you!

When I realized how easy it was to share and open up to this new me – relieved to acknowledge this huge growth for me! I was finally able to remove myself from the equation and to know the energy I’m delivering is bigger than me, it’s for the greater good of the whole! And when I went straight to authenticity, what I saw for myself was vulnerability and pure love. I love myself more because I’ve fully stepped into me and now I’m able to create deeper more authentic connections with people, everything I’ve always wanted to experience.


Share a dose of your favorite wisdom that you’ve ever received for those that are currently within a dark (with opportunity for growth!) place.

This is a really good question and it’s the time to answer it! I’ve had a lot of conversations around this as of recently. A lot of my time in Mexico was diving into the shadows and into the dark places in the land and myself without control, just trust. It’s a reminder to go in with grace and ease. I work to balance energies to bring things from the dark into the light. There’s always going to be dark and light we need the polarities on this earth to create balance. As awakened individuals, we can strive to create less polarity in ourselves. In order to do so, we have to go into the shadow side, the place that we want to avoid to transform that darkness into light through transmuting through love.

Really feel in that dark place and your darkest fears about yourself. It’s ok. Just acknowledge you’re there. Send those thoughts and feelings love. Know you don’t always have to be there. You always have a choice. If you’re in a dark place know there’s always that bright glimmer of hope, however small or large it may be, to bring you back out.

It’s important to send that dark place love and acceptance if you want things to change. It’s our work to go within. Once there’s less polarity within ourselves, we’ll start seeing less polarity externally in the world.

In Palm Mapping sessions, when I see and hear strong emotional attachment in areas of conservation of being in a ‘dark place’ in a specific area of one’s life, that’s when we go deep into the cause and use the ‘Power of Words’ to create new possibilities to be regain one’s own innate power.


What is your idea of a life of happiness?

I love happiness and joy! Joy is a very important word and emotion for me, as it holds the highest vibration. I create and encourage all to create from this mindset to give a stronger vibration into the world!

A life of happiness for me is being as balanced as possible in my being to lessen the polarities to live lighter and freer. In the process, I am practicing observing and acknowledging when I’m being triggered and how to learn from these messages and there’s still lots of growth to be had! Also, the balance of work and life is very important for me and having time to explore everything that I feel called to and then integrate it into my life.

My greatest happiness is to travel and to experience the energy of the land. Through doing so, I feel inspired and one with all as I fill my soul with nature’s energy and I’m connecting with amazing people through sharing love, knowledge, insights, and esoteric wisdom. When I’m in flow to allow for things to come easy. And having authentic connections that lead to amazing partnerships and collaborations assisting everyone in their greatest potential. Everyone deserves happiness and we’re all here in service to help uplift each other and remind others and sometimes ourselves to find the joy in every moment, follow what lights us up inside as that is our calling for a life of happiness.


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