An Ode to The Prophetic Existence of Paramahansa Yogananda

Picture a living, breathing and flawed work of abstract art and a human being of superior amaranthine grace and you’ve got Paramahansa Yogananda, a Hindu Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Having journeyed to a place within in which closing his eyes and opening his heart to stop looking, stop hearing, and start feeling, Yogananda’s most prized mode of existing was simply within a state of peace. Magically jumping from tree to tree over time and revealing roots that have been buried inside, the spiritual embodiment of love was and still continues to be a source of inspiration to the world.

‘Awake’ has served a variety of human beings inwardly as a biopic that depicts Yogananda setting out on a variety of prophetic pilgrimages from Harvard Physic Labs, the Center for Science and Spirituality at the University of Pennsylvania, Chopra Center in Carlsbad and India. Traveling through multiple dimensions and both sides of spectrums to gather a fuller understanding of stepping into another’s shoes, Yogananda brought yogic treasures beyond their four walls at the time and ushered in attention toward one of the most profound practices of wellness within our modern-day. Heightening his attention to the moment and the intricately linked connection between his breath and movement, Yogananda painted a vivid picture of his inner view though many artistic mediums. As an ever-emerging constellation of elaborate ingenious patterns, the divine being remained in touch with the far-fetched, dreamy inner child and the wisdom of a seasoned veteran on the road of life which served to stitch up his seams and gifted him with the ability to stay cloaked in the light no matter what he encountered along his road of life. Through consistent maximization of powerful practices that release energetic tension stored in the body such as yoga, Yogananda deeply connected to his ability to nourish his being and awakened a profound depth of internal comfort. Contemplation and keen observation were pieces of ruby and gold for Yogananda who subconsciously inspirited the potent notion and belief system that the journey inward is and always will be our greatest and most fulfilling adventure within the human experience.

The dynamic saint left behind a classic spiritual gem, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, in which Yogananda’s peculiar energy and chemistry has led his legacy to remain indented into a realm of prestige, honor and pure grace. Wide-eyed in the thick of bearing witness to the cultivation of timeless wisdom sprouting within as the framework for healing, Yogananda’s scriptural outpourings originate from the endowment of personal freedom from internal incarceration. Throughout his life, Yogananda collected self-awareness beyond his chronological age and stepped into his zone of genius when he was within the moment, pouring his life into giving back and intrinsic altruism. Through an illustrious human experience, Yogananda’s life subconsciously became a humanitarian commitment to society as he shared a multitude of philosophical, spiritual, physical and emotional goods straight from the soul and went beyond the call of duty from the raw goodness of his heart. Contributing to the ocean rather than a single wave was Yogananda’s perception of a paramount win, and all of his kin continue to gracefully reap all that he has sown.

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