Maria Sabina: Sacred Mushroom Healer

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Existing with her gaze perpetually fixed on the horizon, Indigenous Mexican Healer, Maria Sabina, has left behind remnants of her multifaceted mind and lucidly rich understanding of self that have left admirers of her work melting in philosophical reflection for decades. Spending majority of her life in the mountainous region known as Huautla and responsibly consuming psilocybin mushrooms as a tool to expand consciousness, Maria lived her life mesmerized by the negative space of the unseen and her in-the-moment manifestations morphed into an invitation to another dimension that broadened fellow human beings every day awareness.

“I am not a Curer because I do not use eggs to cure. I don’t ask for powers from the Lords of the Mountains. I am not a Curer because I do not give potions of strange herbs to drink. I cure with Language. Nothing else. I am a Wise Woman. Nothing else. I am wise even from within the womb of my mother. I am the woman of the winds, of the water, of the paths, because I am known in heaven, because I am a doctor woman.” – Maria Sabina

As one of the most renowned curators of ethnopoetics, Maria would gather curious souls and conduct ceremonies that involve ingesting local mushrooms (santos niños) which would lead to subconsciously performing autopsies on inner opportunities for growth to gain clearer understanding of oneself and to ultimately, mend seas of self-imposed destruction. Capitulating to prestige in 1955 when a visiting amateur practitioner of ethnomycology, Gordon Wasson, became one of the first westerners to participate in a night-time and divine psilocybin ceremony, Maria Sabina quickly became a prominent figure within Mexican Culture. Traveling along her road of life while gifting others with her energy and simultaneously receiving the esoteric gift of distinguished individuals presence such as John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan, Maria recalibrated others point of view through which they approached complications and situations in their lives. Through the bestowment of her sense of unfeigned gratitude for what she has in her life through nothing more than circumstance of birth and experience, Maria selflessly lived her life with two gypsy feet and a lively heartbeat that took proverbial steps into another individuals’s shoes to imagine their struggles, complications, feel their hopes, and respect their successes and failures.

Confronting floods of influence and challenging others to sit with the cold bitterness trickling down their spines, Miss. Sabina was a human smorgasbord that refused to resist the other side of the coin which sprouted conflicting reactions to her favorable means of healing and practice. Rather than shrinking her existence and playing it safe, the Mazatec Shaman diligently trekked into new lands of consciousness and continued her practices until her journey to the other side in on November 22nd, 1985. Throughout her seasoned exploration of Planet Earth, Maria touched the inner crevices of fellow humans and created complex, abstract questions and ideas about the differentiated aspects of being. Developing a balanced wordly perception through wandering into the unknown without armor and tasting the fruit of surrender, Maria is a shining example of the wisdom that sprouts from standing tall as the ground beneath becomes parched dry and begins to stem off loose foundations that time has weathered. As an individual who candidly explored the highly charged emotions coursing through her veins, Maria rattled the stars, imaginatively visited colonies on the moon and transformed a few flickers of light into a blaze while creating written, philosophical and spiritual wizardry that was conveyed from the center of her being. And through sharing her inexhaustible supply of elephantine strength and fortitude in the face of adversity, Maria’s spirit eternally courses through history.

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