The Healing Benefits of the Miraculous Frog Venom: Kambo

We live within a remarkable time in which sources of alternative medicine and holistic healing are readily available with contaminants of remediative wizardry that serves to awaken a sense of childlike wonder. Overloading the body, mind and spirit with penetrating psychological and emotional feats of flight while spinning and blazing like a comet from experience to experience can layer dust upon the core and lead the subconscious mind astray from your unique human truth that beats inside of your chest. Taking flight does not lie in the winds compliance, it lies in the conscious appliance of the ambitious fliers defiance. The miraculous frog venom, Kambo, serves to gift a human being with the extra jolt that can aid in inspiriting the creation of a new lease on life resulting from a strengthened sense of purpose and meaning. Kambo is the magical source of ‘Phyllomedusa Bicolor’ which is brought to the surface through secretion from a Giant Leaf Frog’s skin in the upper regions of the Amazon. The sacred and magical source of healing carries a variety of properties that sprout alchemical rewards once intentionally integrated into an individual’s life practice. The experience of a kambo session is one that rattles the stars and leads an individual toward encountering critical unexplored capabilities in which greater capacities and personal expectations arise.

Before kambo is applied to the skin by a Shaman, participants are to drink two liters of water on an empty stomach to further prepare the body, mind and spirit for the journey ahead. Shamans burn the top layer of the participants skin with incense sticks prior to applying the kambo onto the burned flesh so that the leaf frog’s secretion is readily absorbed into the participants bloodstream. The sudden rush of euphoria accompanied by a strong rush of nausea creates a collision that forces participants to vomit and further free up the space within for healing. Throughout a kambo session, participants revitalize their systems and rid of backed-up excess throughout the nervous, psychological and emotional system that catapults them into an empty space within that calls their highest selves to attention.

Between receiving a taste of how much one has to learn and the intense purge of all of the conflicting inner impulses and desires that no longer serve an individual’s present life experience, Kambo penetrates deep into the body’s systems and traces the map to gather the twigs to build a stronger and steadier place within to simply be. Neutralizing the pieces that have been suppressed through piercing personal confrontation, Kambo leads human beings toward the recognition that the more you mindfully you let go, the higher you will fly. If you are seeking a restored supply of energy and focus, Kambo is the sheltering rock in a ferocious storm that further affirms that change, discomfort and uncertainty interjecting diversions is not a valid reason for inaction. As the architect of your life experience, the development of monk-like focus comes from piercing into the marrow of your being and deliberately preserving your health. The ever-changing landscape of life is akin to the ephemeral, malleable form of an ocean wave. Paddle out with Kambo. Fall into the whitewater of your life, get tossed around and choose to feel every drip. Ready to ride a crescendo of enlivening energy and tune back into your natural rhythm? Kambo is the way.

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