4 Films for Psychedelic Explorers

Endless curiosity tends to trigger a human beings inclination toward artistic mediums that portray mind-bending explorations of higher consciousness. Over the past few decades, a variety of divergent directors have used particles from either their personal experiences or hypothetical musings as the soil of cinematic masterpieces that have warped our brains and twisted our thoughts into the enigmatic worlds that sprout through connection with divine psychedelics. Take a ride onto the other side and reveal hidden depths through these visual feasts for the third eye abounding with kaleidoscopic aesthetics and compelling narrative that serves as an eccentric explorer’s motion-picture life force.

4 Films for Psychedelic Explorers

Enter The Void

Whether it’s the extreme bouts of psychological dismay or the rapid twists and turns through sequences’ of events that replicate the racing mind, Enter The Void is a cliff-hanging psychedelic thriller that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. Released in 2009 by Director, Gaspar Noe, and based throughout neon-lit dimensions in Tokyo, the movie creates a stir through dogging the footsteps of Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) who plays the role of an American drug dealer who gets shot by the police and in turn shifts into a haunting phantasm that maddens his sister, Linda, who is a stripper that is alone in her own world and often immersed within hallucinatory states. Revisiting mental visuals of the siblings parents dying in a tragic car crash and converting the experience into an excuse for existential disharmony, Linda and Oscar maintain their auras of mystification and leave even the most unorthodox minds in a state of bewilderment.



Portraying scenes of Native American shamanic rituals using the golden sources of divinity laced within ayahuasca and peyote, Blueberry is a notably obscure Psychedelic Western film that catches the eyes and minds of a variety of curious audiences. Confronting demons that have steered lead character, Mike Donovan played by Vincent Cassel, away from his highest self in the penetrating Sacred mountains, the film takes viewers on the ride to the other side and candidly into the experience of entheogenic bliss. Between 3D scenes that enamor the conscious explorers mental acquisitiveness with doses of chromatic delight and the narrative of a Franco-Belgian comic book series, Blueberry (released as ‘Renegade’ throughout the states in 2004) is a healing cinematic beacon subconsciously separating minds from the shackles of delirium.


Where The Buffalo Roam

Manically ingenious Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, is the eyewitness and source of a variety of drug-induced psychological thrillers. The 1980 film, Where The Buffalo Roam,  portrays mind-bending concepts replicating a frenetic mind eager to capture the story about Carl Lazlo (played by Peter Boyle) who is on a mission to seize the prison sentences that a group of youth-ridden goons received for marijuana possession. Sidetracked and aloof through juggling multiple major journalistic events at the time, the film captures the outlaw journalist’s attempt to dismiss being under the influence. Between an interview with President Nixon that was held in the bathroom and the drug trial that shifted the mental culture at the time, Where The Buffalo Roam is the cinematic portrait of erratic outbursts and insights into the workings of mind in a hallucinatory state.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Imagine throwing yourself into the gauntlet of the unknown that leads into life-altering chapters abounding with pulsating pathways to cellular explosions of feeling and you’ve got the classic 1998 film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Based off of the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, cape-flapping and ambitious lead role, Raoul Duke (played by the infamous Johnny Depp) is a public library of human experience with a panoramic view who sets himself up for major anticlimaxes and lapses of spiritual poverty. Throughout the longest weekend road trip, Raoul and his comrade, Dr. Gonzo, dash through the Nevada desert under the hypnosis of mescaline with an abundance of psychoactive drugs in the trunk. Attempting to make their way to the Mint 400 motorcycle race in Vegas, the duo take an interplanetary dive through the force of acid which creates infernal mental states that lead them both to check up on the purity and unity of their thoughts, words and actions. Immersed in egoic glory, fame and fortune and initially under the impression that each individual was invincible, both Dr. Gonzo and Raoul experience a strange journey through quandaries and eventually come to terms with their own mortality through a critical mass of dismay which portrays the illusion of the American Dream.


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