The Montauk Chronicles: Is Stranger Things Based on a True Story?

The smash hit series Stranger Things made its Netflix debut in 2016, starring Golden Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder, this amalgamation of the work of John Carpenter, and Steven Spielberg, was a fresh endeavor into the horror genre, that became a viral sensation. Featuring an epic cast, an infectious soundtrack, and 80’s style nostalgia abound – this unique vision provided viewers a binge-worthy fright fest.

Both seasons of Stranger Things take place in a small Indiana town in 1983, and there have been many hints within context of the series that reference a curious government program called MK Ultra (see: This Documentary From 1979 Exposes MK Ultra and the CIA’s Role in the Psychedelic Movement), but the show may have also found some inspiration from a 2015 documentary called Montauk Chronicles, which explored various experiments in psychological warfare at Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force Station.

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