What Dreams May Come: Full “Harvest” Moon in the Sign of Pisces to Bring a Much-Needed Energy Shift

September 6th at 3:02am EST, the Full “Harvest” Moon in the sign of Pisces will be illuminating us with a blessed shift in energy. A much needed change of pace after the intense (and historic) Total Solar Eclipse energies that were released on August 21, 2017, and a rather heinous Mercury Retrograde, which is thankfully now direct as of September 5th.

Cycles coming to completion, resolution of unresolved issues, karmic lessons, uncomfortable communication, and chaos coming to the surface were the general themes (energetically speaking) over the last few weeks, but luckily the purifying waters of Pisces will wash away whatever density may be left over, allowing more light to lift us from any metaphorical shackles that may be binding us from reaching our fullest potential.

From an astrological standpoint, Pisces carries an astral awareness of intuition, creativity, romance, and the depths of the subconscious mind. This Moon will allow us to dive deep into our hearts and minds, and see our life with advanced focus, as we gain clarity about the path that will be presented to us in the months ahead.


Even with the energies of a new advanced understanding, gentle caution is advised. Even though Mercury is out of retrograde, there are still remnants of weakened communication penetrating the collective consciousness, so be sure to listen and observe, and abstain from impulsive reactions until Mercury returns to its former strength.

With heightened intution and feelings of dreaminess, we have to remember to stay grounded, centered and in this reality. Try not to “balloon” too far into the fantasies of the new path you are witnessing (and feeling) through your purified perspective, remember that manifesting has practical steps, and magick (the art of creating your reality) is a science of will, love, and effort.

Keep the metaphor of the “Harvest Moon” close to your heart, because while we will be reaping what we have sewn in a spiritual sense, the laborious lessons of love and life are what will truly allow us to enjoy the fruits of this labor. While our “hunger” (or inner void) may be satiated during this fulfilling Full Moon, we must prepare for the continuous shifts life will always bring by truly aligning with our inner divine architect as we plan for what dreams may come.

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