Where Passion Meets Service: Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 

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We have arrived at a transformative moment in the astrology: Eclipse Season. Every 6 months a portal opens, beginning with a lunar eclipse and ending with a solar eclipse two weeks later. While these events are mere weeks apart, their effect can be felt for up to six months. At this time, the eclipses are activating the Leo-Aquarius axis of our chart. 

Leo lives in the heart. Ruled by the Sun, this is where we encounter our personal passions, glamour, pride, and the experience of being firmly seated as Queen or King on the throne of our life. Aquarius is more intellectual, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and associated with a universal love rather than a personal. This is where we reform society, create revolution, or build a structure for the wild ideas and inspirations that come to us in this life. 

So where do the two meet? This eclipse season, I believe we are being asked to examine where our hearts longings meet the needs of greater needs of society and vice versa. To thrive in this life, we need true joy and love for what we do, and yet if this passion lives only for our own benefit, we will inevitably suffer. Bringing our talents and love to realms of social justice and societal experience transformation is the place where our hearts and our hopeful ideas meet.  We need you at this time! All of us are needed. To step up, to live our passions, and to commit to reforming injustice on both a small and grand scale. 

What is your personal part? I’ve written some journaling questions to help us figure that out!

🔸Where does your personal glory, shine, and recognition intertwine with the needs of the collective at this time? What are your beliefs around this? Given your identities in this lifetime, what is the balance of commitment to personal evolution and that of a larger movement, for you? Do you even believe in a collective? Or a Self for that matter? (Say it all, including the uncomfortable or not fully figured out yet parts!)

🔶What does romantic love overlook that collective love includes, and vice versa?  How can you lend some of the deep heart-centered (and, yes, ego-involved) fierce lovingness you experience in romance and intimacy to beings outside your inner circle?  And similarly, where can you lend a more detached and evolution-focused love to situations and people with which you’re *too* closely identified?

Because Love both is and isn’t about us. It’s Phd level Human work to get really honest and clear on how we love, and what is and is not love/loving. It’s important now, as always, to love fully, consciously, and *differently*. How we love must change along with us as we grow. This eclipse is a good time to look as some old patterns around passion, community, love, activism, and ego.  We can take this time just to look deeply.  If we’re honest, the puzzle pieces start to shift all on their own.

Happy Eclipse Season! May transformation sweep us up and leave us better. 

with love,

The Voluptuous Witch 

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