Exploring the Magical Life of Alice A. Bailey

Fluttering through enigmatic, uncharted lands, the ingenious and charismatic Manchester Writer/Metaphysical teacher, Alice Bailey, has left remnants of her soul for individuals to explore and has set an example of a lass burning brightly in this ornate domain for the altruistically humane.

Alice A. Bailey

Accepting an invitation to transformative crystallization, the mysterious and highly-controversial creature clothed in earthly features was forced into spiritual and emotional maturity through deprivation stemming from the loss of both of her parents at the ripe age of eight years old. After the death of her kin, Alice led a sheltered life while being raised by her grandparents feeding her cherry-picked anecdotes stemming from a life tied to the principles of Christianity.

Spinning her own wheels, the eternally inquisitive young lady transcended her chronological age in mind and awakened the true being existing within her provisional bodysuit which led to a period of emotional tyranny thrusting her toward thoughts of suicide. After three failed attempts, the impulse to end her physical life began to subside and her profound grief led toward a divine interaction that led her to write a variety of her own prodigious constitutions at the world’s oldest and largest educational institution. Enrolled as a student at The University of Planet Earth who began their ornate assignment following physical birth, Alice’s otherworldly curiosities led her to come in contact with Theosophy which served as a birthplace for a legacy that has awakened collective effervescence pertaining to bending the rules of commonly practiced religions and invigorating thought processes behind topics such as New Age, Esoteric Wisdom and more.

The picturesque glow from the full moon that enkindles youthful swooning and yearning was embraced by Alice upon meeting her soul partner, Foster Bailey, who she went on to marry two years after coincidently meeting at Theosophical Society headquarters. Granting full acceptance of the shimmering stars sacrosanct messages coruscating through the sky, fulsome oracular expressions instilled mesmerizing past-life recollections and the pair relocated to New York City to bring to life the Arcane School and the Lucis Trust which is based upon the spiritual principles and values in which a stable and interdependent world society can peacefully coexist.

Between 1919 and 1949, Alice Bailey sparkled from the inside like a diamond and earned a celestial masters through curating a treasure chest of esoteric mysteries including The Beacon, Initiation, Human And Solar, Education in the New Age and Letter on Occult Meditation, which transported wondrous abundance through bundles of subject matters such as science, astrology, healing, religion, philosophy and wisdom. The multidisciplinary books that Alice produced are full of whimsical elements and evolutionary vocabulary that gift a cherubic sanctuary to fluttering fairies developing into perspicacious visionaries.

Alice’s health had begun to deteriorate and the electrical force in human form went on to pass from the physical plane in December of 1949. “There are some books that it is desired should be written for the public. You can write them. Will you do so?”, was the message that Alice received telepathically in the early stages of her authorship which she fulfilled over 30 years of living within an ever-blooming state of self and service to societal transformation. Sprinkling magical desires into the ontological fire, Alice Bailey is a conglomeration of whirling bits of abstruse electrical force that has created dynamic synergy both negative and positive in nature that sending extrasensory energy pulsating through our mortal containers.

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