Pluto’s Full Moon: The Truth About Sex, Shame, and Power

Museum of the Moon [Photo: courtesy Luke Jerram]

The Moon is now in the sign of Capricorn, approaching her fullness which will be exact the night of July 8th. The days surrounding the Full Moon often carry depth, intensity, and revelation of deeper truths, and this moon packs a particularly potency due to heavy involvement from Pluto, the planet of regeneration, shadow, and power. On the most fundamental level, Pluto relates to our ability to turn shadow into light, while the Full Moon brings maximum light to the darkness. The Capricorn Full Moon is here to teach us that, if we want to find peace, integration of all parts of ourselves is the only honest way.

Pluto is associated with shame because, as an astrological force, it represents the energies of that which we fear or repress. Shame is a uniquely harmful emotion because it often remains unexamined (and therefore unquestioned) and then overwhelms and paralyzes us. The most common responses to the powerful feeling of shame are to hide or to attack. Shame makes us feel worthless, bad, and powerless. It can crush our magic if we do not find new ways to navigate this powerful emotional experience.

Simultaneously, Pluto relates to our pure, raw, uninhibited sexual energy. Sexual energy is primal, powerful and fully regenerating. That raw power is what sits on the other side of shame. While shame blocks, freezes, and confuses, the free flow of our sexual energy has the opposite effect. Sexual energy opens, enlivens, and clarifies. When our sexual energy can move without being blocked by fear or control, we access a natural powersource. We feel true vitality. Our creativity pours forth easily. We experience intimacy with the cosmos, with ourselves, with other beings. When unrestrained, our sexual energy is not reserved for the act of having sex with another person, itโ€™s a renewable resource to which we are open all the time.

This Pluto-powered Full Moon wants us to examine the ways we allow shame to interrupt our power, our sexual power especially, and to get honest about how limiting that really is. Our willingness to interact with the shadowy emotions like grief or rage is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure, joy, and freedom we can experience. Our willingness to go to the depths of the darker emotions determines, in a sense, the level of ecstasy we will then get to have. All are part of this human life. None can be denied. By validating, loving, and accepting our shadowy parts, we can heal not only ourselves but our communities which suffer from magnified manifestations of these same shadows.

It may be uncomfortable, but allow this Full Moon to shine a light on the places you might be blocking yourself. See the truth of what still needs to heal. Touch into your own true wildness. Makeout with your shadow. Forgive yourself for what you think of as mistakes. Every part of you is just as it should be. You were perfectly constructed to learn the lessons you are here to learn, and to experience the healing you are here to have. Donโ€™t let this world trick you into being afraid of the dark. The dark is where our most potent medicine grows. There is no light without the dark anyway. Pull the exiled parts of yourself back to you, piece by piece, and watch your power grow beyond measure.

Happy Full Moon, loves!

Xx The Voluptuous Witch

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