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Heal: The Documentary Uncovering the Remarkable Healing Potential of the Human Body

“We don’t really have a health care system. We have a sick care system where doctors and insurance companies are treating symptoms, but aren’t really getting to the root causes.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

Whether or not the above quote resonates as true to you, when it comes to our health we are certainly living in a very interesting and likely monumental time in human history.

Advancements in science and healthcare are allowing us to treat ourselves in ways that most of us would have never thought imaginable, yet disease continues to run rampant claiming the lives of far too many of us, far too soon worldwide.

While doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers certainly want to help us survive and thrive, do those who govern, fund, and educate them operate with the same intention? Or have they let the business element to healthcare transform it into a “sick care system” as Michael Bernard Beckwith alludes to in Heal – a revolutionary new documentary written and directed by Kelly Noonan.

I had the privilege of recently seeing Heal, and am writing this piece to share with you why I personally believe it’s a film we all need to see and share with our friends and family, not only for educational purposes, but also for the betterment of humankind.

In Heal, Kelly takes us along for a scientific and spiritual journey to discover whether or not our perceptions play a prominent role in our body’s ability to recover from any disease. We follow several individuals from different walks of life, who had their lives turned upside down by unexpected disease –just as we are all susceptible to.

The documentary features Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, the abovementioned Michael Bernard Beckwith, Anita Moorjani, Anthony William the Medical Medium, and numerous other prominent figures in the fields of science, spirituality, and healthcare all offering their take on how integral our state of consciousness is in determining our response to disease and illness.

Here is the official trailer for the film that has already premiered for massive audiences at both the Illuminate and Maui Film Festivals:

What I particularly appreciated about the documentary is that it maintained an unbiased stance on the optimal ways to experience good health. It identifies a purpose and place for all treatments, and sheds some desperately needed light on the many alternative approaches that are readily available and have proven to be helpful in the healing journeys of countless people worldwide.

We are all unique, and Heal reminds us of that, by showing us just how critical it is that we consciously bring ourselves to a state of peace and faith when it comes to manifesting a desired outcome. The treatments are designed to provide a particular outcome, but that outcome can only be achieved if we build a belief-filled foundation for it.

The film is still making its way through the film festival circuit, but is currently slated for theatrical and online release in October or November of this year. To see if Heal happens to be premiering at a festival near you, or to be one of the first to see it upon its global release, be sure to sign up for the documentary’s mailing list on the homepage of their website www.healdocumentary.com

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