The Brilliant Life of the Cobra Gypsies

A brilliant life can mean many things to different individuals. The region near Northern India is inhabited by a vibrant nomadic people captured in documentary, Cobra Gypsies. Comprised of dancers and musicians, this film provides a look into the window of various tribes including the Kalbeliya and the Rajasthan.

Previously considered the untouchables, this group of people manage to surpass misery and are happier than most despite their separation from common luxuries. They’re abundance is found within the fertile land, hours of play, dance, love, and simplicity.


A Day in the Life


The Cobra Gypsies, follows the people of the tribe throughout their day to day living. As their name suggests, they are very familiar with cobras and typically rely on them to make a living. The men in the tribe set out on frequent journeys for cobras to train and handle for performances. The women dance as well and even teach international dancers who travel to Northern India to perfect their technique.



When they aren’t dancing or catching the wild, the Cobra Gypsies cultivate the land for food and travel to new grounds when needed. It’s a simple life, but the rewards are immense. Every evening, families join to celebrate and dance. From breathtaking sunsets to long days of play, the Cobra Gypsies are incredibly free.


They create their own rules to the game and live life how they wish. They don’t cremate their dead. Instead, funerals are a celebration of dance and remembrance.



From gathering in holy festivals to capturing and training cobras, the Cobra Gypsies might possess the happiness and freedom we all crave from a brilliant life.



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