Effects Of Marijuana On Spirituality

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

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The effects of marijuana intrigues a lot of people, and there are a whole lot of studies today that links smoking pot to positive health results and spiritual awakening. The spiritual effects of marijuana can depend fully on a person’s state of mind and their intention of using it.

There are several marijuana users who embrace smoking as a form of self-atonement. Smoking pot can lead people to a whole new world of possibilities. It loosens their attachment to the present moment.

In fact, marijuana has the ability to tap into the inner parts of the brain that remain inactive, by freeing the sub-conscious mind, and transporting it to whole new realm. Using marijuana can also increase a person’s capacity to connect their spiritual side. They get to experience a deep sense of peace and contentment. Their focus gets shifted towards spiritual interests rather than materialistic wanting. These fleeting moments allow smokers to shed their fears, to reach out to a deeper quest of their new found wisdom and experience.

Marijuana users are able to stay in the present, yet can also leave behind all emotional resistance to sink into a realm of appreciation. Due to this reason, they are often more open towards life compared to non-smokers. Their spiritual awareness gets to a higher plane of understanding.

To understand more about the effects of marijuana on spirituality, read ahead.

Spiritual Effects of Marijuana

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As long as we do not overindulge in marijuana, there are positive sides to it. Many people resort to marijuana as a spiritual ally. Most people tend to experience short and long fleeting spiritual effects of marijuana. This can happen due to several reasons like dosage, frequency of usage, and state of mind, setting and the capacity to silence the rambling mind.  Allowing the mind to welcome inner stillness periods and practice mediation can really help prolong the spiritual effects.

When marijuana is used meditatively with focus, it has the ability to clarify our illusions and elevate our minds to a more relaxed state of mind. Smoking weed can allow forces the mind to forego a lot of negative thoughts. It calms down the mind and decreases stress levels. This is probably the reason why people resort to it during stressful moments. It can allow a person to live in the present, and therefore they get to experience profound spiritual awakening.

Marijuana users know smoking the drug can help reach out to their fullest potential. Smoking pot can alter the conscious state of the mind and form a temporary detachment from the physical world. When people smoke pot, they are fully immersed in the present and gain the ability to drop off all emotional resistance and descend into an amazing state of appreciation.

For many years, marijuana has been used as a form of spiritual awakening, leading the way for more constructive and destructive purposes.  People seeking spiritual healing can use marijuana to expand their consciousness and tap into their innate psychic ability.

Other than its effects on spirituality, marijuana have an estimated number of studies which suggest the health benefits that come with it.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

There are a number of countries that are making an effort to discover more about marijuana’s surprising health benefits. Science has also proved that marijuana can improve a patient’s quality of life. And more studies are conducted to discover the miraculous health benefits of smoking weed. In fact, few researchers have found that marijuana users often have low body mass index and therefore are at lower risk to develop diabetes. That means weed smokers have lesser chances to be obese compared to non-smokers. Another study by Harvard Medical School has claimed that smoking weed in small doses can balance off anxiety effects.

Marijuana users are also likely to be more creative and have better verbal fluency. They tend to have a divergent thinking, and bring about a new level of creativity, when intoxicated. Other than that, the use of marijuana is considered safer compared to drinking alcohol. Smoking weed is in fact considered less deadly than alcohol.

Smoking weed can also prevent or slow down the progress of certain health ailments such as Alzheimer, arthritis, cancer, lung health, epilepsy, etc. In fact, marijuana helps an arthritic patient from experiencing joint pain, lessens the occurrence of seizures and inflammation. Another key moment in medical science came about when the U.S government declared that marijuana can shrink the cancer cells. Another published research has also established that the chemical compounds like cannabidiol present in weed can stop ID-1 gene from spreading the cancer cells.

Marijuana is also used by many athletes across the world for increasing stamina, performance and for recovery. Though it is not scientifically proven, but marijuana can even work to experience lesser soreness after heavy squat duties. Other body aches and injury pains might seem less painful because of the presence of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Other health treatments that marijuana can help prevent also includes glaucoma. This is an eye disease which usually puts pressure in the eyeball and damages the optic nerves. It can result in loss of vision too. Using marijuana can decrease the eye pressure, according to a study. Marijuana, when smoked can lower intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma. The drug effect can also lower the progression of glaucoma and thus, prevents blindness.

But, keep in mind that an overdose of marijuana can impact your memory power and lead to addiction too.

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