Cancer New Moon: Embodying Our Heart’s Truth

The New Moon is upon us!

We are awash in the healing salve of nurturing, protective Cancer. The feels are deep. The impulse to cleanse, protect, and renew is strong. All new moons offer a moment of renewed intention, but this moon has the potential to be particularly healing for us.

The Sun and Moon come together in Cancer at the time of the new moon (Friday, 7:31pm EST, see below for your time zone), plus we have Mercury and Mars joining in on the Cancer cluster! Mercury relates to communication (how we think, write, and speak) and Mars is all about action, drive, and desire. The Sun represents our actual Self, while the Moon reveals our inner life. Pulling all these energies together in the sign of Cancer is about coming into full alignment with our intention. By bringing our full presence, our deepest level of feeling, our thoughts, our words, and our actions into alignment, we access the ability to realize our intentions.

We are coming off some very challenging astrology that heavily emphasized themes of restriction, oppression, becoming autonomous and self-governing, and owning our need to be disciplined and responsible. The Cancerian energy now wants us to remember to nourish and nurture ourselves, to drop unapologetically into deep emotion and align our feeling self with our outer-being, which is often ambitious and striving without time or space to fully feel.

The astrology of the coming months is quite interesting. Summer will not be boring, to say the least! We are looking ahead to a powerful full moon in Capricorn. We are guaranteed to have some things fall away during this time, as the pieces of our personal puzzle rearrange in surprising ways and the planets nudge us toward closure.

This New Moon is here to remind us to work and live from our wise mind, especially in challenging times.

Our wise mind is neither rational nor emotional, but both. Our wise mind is able to integrate both our feelings and our logical assessments to reveal a higher truth. The truth is spacious. It holds all. By getting fully truthful about what we do and don’t want, the power of our intention is exponentially magnified.

At the time of the new moon, Mars will trine Neptune (magic) and square Jupiter (luck) which means that we will have tremendous magical power and the desire to go big with it. Be sure that you use your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions for your highest good. The key to manifesting wonderful realities is to spend less time on the things that limit or hurt us. Ride the waves of strong feelings, but keep coming back to the truth of what you love, what makes you feel bright, and what you most want for yourself. Use your power for that.

We are in the first days of Summer, the season of the heart. Intentions set from the feeling space of the heart and nourished from there cannot fail. Trust your heart to tell the truth of where to go next .

Wishing you every New Moon blessing!  


The Voluptuous Witch

New Moon Times:

Los Angeles: Friday at 7:31 pm

NYC: Friday at 10:31 pm

London: Saturday at 3:31 am

Hong Kong: Saturday at 10:31am

Sydney: Saturday at 12:31pm

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