Where Luck Meets Brilliance: Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Healing Affirmations (+ Some Full Moon Survival Pro-tips)

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We have a Full Moon this week (Friday, June 9th)!

This moon has mutable energy that’s hard to hold down. Don’t box yourself or others in at this time — loosen the reigns and let playful curiosity flow.  

The astrology has this moon looking not to be immensely complicated, but what is it about the full moon in general that so often pulls at our emotions, hearts, and relationships, or even makes us want to howl and scream?  It could be that the nature of a full moon is inherently oppositional — the Moon and the Sun (known as ‘the luminaries’) oppose one another at this time. The Moon holds a feminine or yin energy, while with the Sun is more associated with the masculine or yang energy, so the full moon creates a strong tension between them, connected but not exactly harmoniously. Astrological oppositions tend to play in out in our relationships, highlighting the distinction between self and other, or the disparate needs we each have and the ensuing complexity of relationship. It is also important to note that Mercury and Venus will be talking to each other at this time as well, enhancing the likelihood  that our minds will be on love, connection, money, and what is most important to us in life.

During this lunation, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is opposite the Sun in Gemini. This moon is not heavily aspected (interacted with by other planets), forming only a semi-sextile to Pluto and a very loose aspect to Jupiter. Pluto does add potency and depth, however, and Jupiter seems to be sending an extra flow of expansiveness since that is what Jupiter (bringing of luck, gifts, abundance, excess) does best! Jupiter also rules the sign of Sagittarius, enhancing the Sagittarian nature of the energy. Sagittarius loves freedom, wide open spaces, big horizons and ideas, and is ideologically passionate (sometimes to the point of being over-bearing). Gemini is also a freedom-loving sign, wanting to explore a million ideas and activities, be super social, and let the mind run free.

Emotions run high at the Full Moon, so my pro-tips are:

  • Up your self-care tremendously!  Take a salt bath, have a quiet night, or do something that feels nourishing to you.
  • Write down your dreams. The full moon is a time of illumination and often wants to reveal something to us. If you have a specific question, set a dream intention before bed to receive information on this question.
  • If you can’t sleep, don’t fight it!  As frustrating as it can be not to sleep, many of us will lay awake in full moon times. Often out of fighting the experience we turn to negative thoughts or torture ourselves. Instead, try listening to a guided meditation or do some deep breathing. Listen to an interesting podcast or spend time journaling. Stretch or dance in the full moon energy. Sometimes just by letting go of the goal of falling asleep, we end up getting some rest.
  • If you’re mad or suspicious, just wait a bit for acting on the thoughts. Our minds can run a bit emotional at this time. Your intuitions have a seed of something valid in them, but no harm is done by waiting to act until feelings have subsided a bit.
  • Charge your crystals or sacred objects in the light of the full moon. If you can get your own body charged up under the light of the full moon, even better.  
  • Moon gaze. Meditate on the light of the moon for 5 minutes or more and let her speak to you

So what does this Full Moon want to teach us?

Personally, I find that moon’s impact is heavily determined by your Rising sign. So I wrote you some full moon healing affirmations!  If you don’t know your Rising Sign (also know as the Ascendant) then read for your Sun sign (if you only know one sign of yours, that’s the one!)!  Or read through and see if, intuitively, any of these areas feel particularly resonant for you:

Aries: My message is heard on a larger scale and welcomed. My creative work reaches exactly the right people at exactly the right time. I am free to travel and learn new things. I am possibility.

Taurus: It is safe to experience the deepest possible intimacy with myself, the cosmos, and other people. I am wealthy and abundant. I am a magnet for resources. I have the sex of my dreams with myself and others.

Gemini: I deserve for my partnerships to be healthy and whole. I am able to honor both my own needs and those of others. I am supported by health connection. I am grateful for my partners in this life.

Cancer: I care for myself daily. My rituals are acts of self-love. I say kind words to myself. I allow myself to heal everyday. My daily work is an act of love.

Leo:  My creativity matters. My unique expression offers something important to my larger community. Romance is alive all around me. I find joy and pleasure all around and within me.

Virgo: My home life is beautiful. My living space inspires me to greatness. I have a family, born or chosen, that supports and loves me. My foundation is solid and ensures my success.

Libra: My words are messengers of light. I send them out as energy that builds the shapes of my dream. My message matters. I have the courage to communicate. I am an artist of connection and communication.

Scorpio:  I am worthy. All my needs are met. I am abundant. I know my worth and attract people and situations that know my worth, too. I am surrounded by comfort. I make healthy, healing choices.

Sagittarius: I proudly shine the light of who I am. Being myself attracts exactly the right people to me, at exactly the right time. I am able to experience freedom in connection. I am safe on my own.

Capricorn: I am on good terms with my shadow. I practice self-honesty. I am a good person doing my best. I speak kind words to myself. I easily release patterns of self-sabotage. I am supported in my healing.

Aquarius: My personal connections are healthy and abundant. I bring love and healing to my community. I take daily actions toward my dreams. I work toward justice and healing for myself and my community..

Pisces: I am successful. I allow myself the greatest amount of success possible knowing I will honor it responsibly. I am seen. I am powerful. I build a foundation that supports me to grow bigger in the world.

Happy Full Moon, lovers!  May you be illuminated!

With Love,

The Voluptuous Witch

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