‘The Reality of Truth’ Starring Michelle Rodriguez and Deepak Chopra Explores Psychedelics & Spirituality

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

This is what Freddy Mercury was asking in Queen’s unforgettable Bohemian Rhapsody back in the 1970s. Truth to be told, all of us question whether the given reality is The Reality, is it the truth or is someone playing with us, and what is “truth” anyway?

And that’s not all, folks! Probably the majority of mankind, from time to time, between our busy working schedules and quick meals, thinks about the stuff like:

“Is there something beyond the visible reality we are experiencing? If there is, how on Earth can I scratch the surface to get to those hidden thingies? How spiritual should I get to understand the truth about the reality? Answers, I want answers, hey!”

Well, watching The Reality of Truth created by Laurent Levy and Mike Zapolin could be a good start and provide you with some answers.

And, you will probably get very surprised by them…

This quickly developing documentary is abundant with information, presented by well-known interviewees such as Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Michelle Rodriguez (of Fast and the Furious fame), Ram Dass, Foster Gamble, and other profound thought-leaders. 

Before it reveals more, this film reminds us of the current reality we already know, but rarely question. Zappy, the creator of this film, gives us a personal example of the programming within this reality – he got educated, he got a good job, he started a family and started living the American dream…

Deepak Chopra also reminds us of the widely accepted reality and its worst parts such as wars and global warming. Some reality, huh? Zappy’s cinematic and spiritual journey takes us further to some highly provocative and certainly interesting ideas.

Beware, this is where things get very complex!

What if…

What if the Bible was never meant to be taken literally? What if there are metaphors alluding to meditation and psychedelics in there? What if these hidden signals are a manual for accessing dimensions beyond the three dimensional world?

This is what the film explores deeply, with the pluralism of thoughts given by numerous interviewees of different professions, worldviews and spiritual ideas. Things actually get beyond complicated here – they get shocking, and, let’s mention it again – controversial.

While some of the interviewees will advise meditation for getting to your truth, some of them will speak about the abilities of psychedelic medicines to get you “there”.

Take these ideas as you will, but keep an open mind…

Instead of seeing this as “drug-advising propaganda”, this film should be seen as a bold exploration of religion, spirituality, and honest conversations about the boundlessness beauty of consciousness. 

The film focuses on old practices that include hallucinogenic plants, such as ayahuasca. Just like the film, with its splendid scenery, messages, pluralistic views and other crucial elements is strongly interwoven, made into a rich whole, its philosophical ideas are also strongly interwoven, implying the bonds that already exist in reality. It poignantly indicates how we are a part of the universe, and nature…and the plants that expand our consciousness, can help us get closer to the overall universe in our minds.

The Power of Transformation

Entrepreneur (and founder of Rythmia) Gerard A. Powell shares his powerful story, testifying about how he solved his drug addiction problem with the help of certain medicinal plants. His experiences with these medicines, lead him to dedicate his life to healing others, by creating Rythmia Life Advancement Center and sharing what he learned with the world.

Rythmia a center for…well, for many nice things, from expanding consciousness, to breaking addiction, from counseling, to improving your life by taking over the responsibilities for each aspect of it. Located in Costa Rica, the resort is quite easy to describe – just imagine an ideal vacation complex, with all the facilities to make you feel comfortable, but add lots of peace, positive energy and amazing philosophical ideas circulating among the people who live and work there and the visitors.

Gerard doesn’t hide the truth about our reality – he simply reminds us of it, stating that we are all connected, made of the same thing, held together by love.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to understand this when we are trapped in our high-speed daily routines. We do need a place such as Rythmia to give us the opportunity to experience that simple truth, and connect with open-minded people that want to experience the same. The thing is – plants such as ayahuasca require specific consummation and preparation, and this tradition is, unfortunately, erased as the modern society has imposed its rules. One would have to be careful when trying it, and an experienced, well-informed expert is almost required. No need to seek further – if anyone knows how to spread the love through the ceremonial intake of ayahuasca and similar substances it is the people of Rythmia.

Hacking Reality, and Challenging the Current Paradigm

This documentary goes a long way from challenging wide-spread beliefs, exploring the options beyond the given dimensions, and finally gets to specific solutions. Some of them might alter the way you think about your own reality.

In a way, this wonderful film and the inspiring people who share their experiences with us seem to have hacked the physical reality in order to go beyond it.

Just imagine: somewhere in this world, within nature, there are seemingly regular plants that ease pain, have the potential to cure addiction, expand the field of your experience, and change the reality of your truth forever.

Watch The Reality of Truth for FREE on YouTube below, and to learn more click here.

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