What Has More Transformational Benefits: Psychedelics, or Meditation?

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Psychedelics enlighten individuals and expose them to facets they might be withholding, consciously or otherwise. When you get high on psychedelics, your trip might be lovely and fun, but if your mindset becomes negative, such feelings may be originating from your own insecurity. Whether it’s thoughts or emotions that inhibit you, these circumstances are typically amped up in ways that can be scary to experience. When you recall traumatic memories of things you endured, or hardships you inflicted on others, they are usually accompanied by very extreme feelings from start to finish of the trip. When you start coming down from the high, you may be overwhelmed by such negativity before realizing that you now know what to work on in order to better your life.

These kinds of trips can be hard to handle. They represent a wake-up call of sorts, an incentive to get yourself together. Not all people resonate with this message, but for those who are up to confronting their weaknesses, it can lead to a major consciousness shift that changes direction you were heading in.

Psychedelics are not always associated with shock and awe, however. At times, you can go through your mistakes from a different point of view outside of yourself, seeing your actions from afar, which allows you to get an impartial perspective from the trauma you went through. Seeing it happen again from a different viewpoint lets you make the connections between all the circumstances that stimulated the internal behavior that is limiting you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to approve anything, but forgiving the situation lets you be at peace with it. When you piece events together, you can see the logic of how the impact of XYZ scenario produced the X-component of your personality. It lets you see how that factor of your character has hindered or aided you. It’s both a window and a mirror into yourself.

There is an old Native American proverb involving wolves that is a great analogy of the psychedelic experience. With so many wolves out there, a psychedelic can help you isolate the negative wolves you were subconsciously feeding.

According to Terrence McKenna, as you discover the psychedelic world, the length of time between trips will grow. Most psychonauts only trip once in a while, as the things they learn from their individual trips give them the tool they lacked to amend their lives. The desire and requirement to locate different outlooks on how to control themselves is lessened the further one enforces their ego-overcoming lessons.

With regards to meditation, the change slowly happens. The objective of meditation is to stop the ego mind from talking. Each thought is intended to gradually disappear. Patience is required, as the process can become tedious, particularly if you have a chatty mind, but the more you dismiss the thoughts that overwhelm your life, the more those thoughts will ignore you. At some point, they disappear, and all that is lift is a state of being centered and balanced, stress-free, without the need to repair something you believe as troublesome in your life. Each worry, regardless of how big or small it may be, stops existing for that moment in time while you’re being aware with your natural self.


Through meditation, through a subsidization of thoughts, the ego’s layers come undone, letting you exist without limits. When mediation is ceased, those layers reform on top of each other, creating a sense of a heavy mind, and making the individual feel like a prisoner of their own mentality. However, if one were to dedicate themselves to meditation, a slow need to liberate the mind starts. Life gets more significant by releasing the things that prevent you from enlightenment, awareness, productivity, and happiness.

As you meditate further, you’ll gradually start to see differences in how you feel when you’re in the process of mediating and how you feel in daily living. As pressures and worries return and reality sets in, you’ll slowly start to get more aware of your thoughts. A meditator who is responsible will eventually understand that their negative feelings and thoughts are what’s limiting their satisfaction. The decision to be mindful of those feelings or thoughts, or indulging in them, will be the choice of the meditator, but the awareness of how your thoughts prevent from feeling grounded will be raised. This is an aspect of getting more in touch with yourself, as most individuals who feel unsatisfied with their lives aren’t in sync with the characteristics that are preventing them from being happy.

The more you meditate, the more aware you’ll become of your thoughts. The objective of meditation is to calm the mind, giving it freedom from consistent thought. Through meditating, you’ll understand what it’s like to be mindful of how you feel when you’re free from thought. You’ll see how stress-free and relaxed you’ll feel in a meditative mindset. This might trigger an altered state of consciousness unique from the conscious mind you’re accustomed to. As you continue to meditate, you’ll realize how your thoughts can sneak in and pick away at your preferred state of mind. You’ll see a difference in how you feel when you haven’t mediated and how you feel after you have. As you get more used to your feelings and how your thoughts keep you from the way you feel during meditation, you’ll slowly make adjustments in how you think and release all the unnecessary thoughts that restrict you from living in the moment.

Mediation will help you evolve by staying present and centered during everything life throws your way. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but just being aware of your power to do it is a strong step in the proper direction. Our hectic modern lifestyle doesn’t let us meditate as much as we would like to, but we wouldn’t really want to do it all day anyways, as we would be missing out on all that life offers. We can try our best to be as mindful and aware as possible within our normal conscious states. This can be achieved only if we take initiative and regulate all the emotions and thoughts that may otherwise overwhelm us.

Meditation makes an individual realize that our minds, without the conditioning of the ego, is already centered and balanced. We have what we need to feel content in the world and navigate through life rationally.

Psychedelics can help isolate the errors in your life and break your ego down. In doing so, you can break out of your comfort zone and deal with a negative experience for the sake of getting over it. Whether you use psychedelics to embrace the fear or to simply observe it, one can be in control the filters that darken their perspectives.

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