This Ayahuasca Inspired Coloring Book Allows You to Color the Visionary State With Your Imagination

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions is a coloring book created by the artist Alexander Ward.

Ward is a world traversing, multi-disciplinary, visionary artist. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in traditional animation from the Arts University in Bournemouth and has worked as an Art Director for the animated feature film Back to the Sea (China) and as a Conceptual Artist for videogames such as DJ Hero 2 (UK).

The inspiration for this particular project occurred after a journey to the heart of the Amazon Jungle, where Ward discovered a deep connection to the abundance of life on our “sacred Earth”. This experience lead him to uncover ancient cultures, and the various traditions of tribes that have lived in harmony with Mother Nature for ages.


The intention of coloring book is described on Divine Arts Media’s website:

Through the coloring of the images and written insights throughout, we will come to see the Jungle as the artist did on his journey, through the eyes of these ancient shamanic cultures, to view nature not as a series of animals and plants but as an interconnected web of life which we are all connected to, offering a vision of humanity in proper relationship to Mother Nature, Pachamama; The great giver of life.

Browse a selection of colored-in pages in the gallery below, and to order your own copy – click here.

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