Are Psychedelic DMT Users Inviting Entities from Another Dimension into Their Brains?

Visionary art by Jonathan Solter

People on fast-acting psychedelic drugs are experiencing some very bizarre events like being surrounded by an invasion of machine elves!
Are these just in their heads?

Have you been visited by talkative little machine elves or other odd looking discarnate entities while tripping out on DMT? Yes? Well, apparently this is quite common. Dimethyltriptamine (DMT) is a very unique psychedelic compound that can exert a powerful effect on the brain. Reports of these entities by DMT users come in all the time.

DMT use is nothing new, although it’s usage has never become very widespread. Perhaps it’s because of all these visitations by extradimensional creatures. When people took DMT in the 1970s, they said they were going on a “businessman’s trip.” It’s so fast acting that they could take it on their lunch hour and get back to work when the hour was up. When you smoke it, the psychedelic trip starts right away and then it fades out within a half hour.

The psychoactive ingredient active in DMT is the same ingredient that makes up the mind-altering tea ayahuasca, which was formulated by Amazonian shamans.

The 15,000 membership of a church in Brazil called the Uniao Do Vegetal (Union of the Vegetable) idolize ayahuasca tea. Scott McGreal published an article on DMT in Psychology Today that discusses the amazing way in which DMT lets users “meet up with non-human intelligent creatures that often resemble aliens.” In the article McGreal cites the work of psychiatrist Rick Strassman, who pioneered research into DMT and claims that “some DMT users come out of these experiences absolutely certain that the entities they encountered are real.”

Strassman, whose 1990s research is spelled out in DMT: The Spirit Molecule, said that his subjects were veteran volunteers and when they took DMT in high doses they experienced rapid psychedelic effects that were overwhelming. They lost all awareness of their physical bodies and surroundings in approximately two minutes, which was how long it took for the effects of the DMT to peak. Once the initial rush was over, the subjects could describe what they were continuing to experience. In general, they reported seeing visions whether their eyes were open or closed. These images were described as being more intense, brighter, and the colors as being much more vivid. They also described seeing geometric patterns much like you would see with a kaleidoscope.

Strassman reported that “around half” of his subjects apparently went further, they described themselves entering what he termed “other independent and freestanding, realms of existence,” something highly unique. In this state they reported meeting up with intelligent “aliens,” “beings,” “entities,” or “guides.” In describing the entities, the subjects said they looked and behaved at different times like bees, cacti, clowns, mantises, reptiles, spiders, and/or stick figures.

Interestingly enough, others have also reported very similar findings. Terence McKenna, the well known psychedelicist, claims to have also encountered the same type of discarnate entities, ones he delightfully describes as being “like self-transforming little machine elves.”

The Vaults of Erowid, which contains a storehouse of knowledge on all kinds of drug experiences, devotes a page to Apparent Communication With Discarnate Entities Induced By Dimethyltriptamine (DMT).

Art by Jonathan Solter

Here are some quotes from this tome which describe some incredibly wild rides:

“It didn’t take long before I entered a trance, but I didn’t notice any of the usual patterns of a visual hallucination,” wrote one DMT user. “It seemed like I was falling, spiraling down into a large black void. Then, all of a sudden I was in a very bright open area with two other beings. They weren’t formed very clearly at all, but seemed like children and we looked to be in some sort of playground. I remember them moving around very quickly. The two little beings were trying to get my attention, to tell me something, but I really couldn’t understand what it was, maybe they were trying to tell me where I was. I remember one holding up a sign that looked like a speech balloon, but it was blank. I paid attention to my breathing, which helped me regain a sense of my own identity, but this diminished my interaction with the two little beings.”

“I spread 40mg of DMT over mint leaves and smoked them while I leaned back on a pillow,” said another user. “As I started going into a trance I became overwhelmed with visions that I had no way of making any sense of. It was a struggle just trying to recall who I was. I then started paying attention to the visual images I was seeing, which was a huge amount of imagery rolling in waves right at me. In the middle of all this were two beings that were doing the actual rolling. They were actually throwing all kinds of stuff at me and I have no idea why. Then there was a change in scenery that brought on more visual hallucinations, only I can’t remember any details because all this happened so quickly.”

“I found myself in a large space with what looked like thousands of entities,” another one reported. “They were apparently passing something back and forth among themselves very quickly. While doing this they were staring at me intently, as if to convey, ‘Look at what we’re doing.’ I noticed what appeared to be an opening out onto a large space. It was like I was peering through from a cave that opened up to a starry night sky. As I went towards this opening I realized that sitting at the opening there was a large unusual creature with many arms like an octopus. All up and down the arms there were eyes and most of them were closed. The creature looked like it was slumbering or half asleep. As I got nearer, the eyes opened and it was clearly aware of my presence. It didn’t seem to especially welcome me, but rather seemed not to want to be bothered by the mere presence of a human. I surmised that there was no way to get past this creature, so I didn’t even try.”

“I perceived the ‘elves’ as somewhat multidimensional and made up of strands of language that I could see. This time they seemed more creaturely than when I’d seen them on other occasions,” another one added. “The little elves were scampering in and out of their multidimensional language matrix, with their arms, or limbs, hands and/or fingers waving in the air. They seemed to be laughing or smiling, although they didn’t really have any faces as such. Somehow I was able to understand the elves and they were conveying that I’d seen them in the past, sometime in my early childhood. I started having a flood of memories of seeing these elves and they looked the same now as they did then, always shifting and folding, little multidimensional and very colorful creatures. They were very busy laughing, weaving in and out, waving and trying to show me things. They wanted me to see their visible language they are made up of, trying to teach me how to read and speak it.”

Strassman and Erowid have both consistently reported very similar themes involving discarnate entities. Subjects frequently reported that their “visitors” seemed to be waiting for their arrival and that they used some sort of probes on their minds and bodies. They said the entities used visual imagery, telepathy or gestures to communicate with them. Sometimes the entities seemed very sincere and caring while at other times they seemed to be utterly detached emotionally and even frightening.

What is so interesting about all these reported experiences is that people truly believe they’re living through real events. They claim that they are simply too realistic to be anything but. It is not easy to give any credence to reports from drug users who claim they have actually seen through a window that reveals another plane of existence or a parallel universe. For this to be scientifically valid it requires empirical evidence, not the mental visions of people tripping on drugs. Apparently these reported “machine elves” only make their appearance in the visions and experiences of people who are tripping out on DMT, which is very interesting indeed.

Strassman’s position seems to be that this is perhaps just psychedelic mysticism, although he does agree with a lot of other people taken by the mysterious world that psychedelic drugs can apparently open up users to. Strassman believes that these drugs can offer profound insight on the “deeper nature” of our reality. This belief is quite common among psychonauts, of which many are certain that there is a hidden reality that is beyond our awareness and mundane existence. Many people have a profound belief that there is a spiritual presence that exists in the universe and many are convinced of a life after death.

I really am not sure about any of this. But, if you decide to trip out on DMT and along the way run into any discarnate entities, would you please give them a shout out from me. I’d like to know what they’re really up to.

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