Aries New Moon on March 27th: Claiming Your Value and Stepping into Your Worth

Monday, March 27th, at 10:57 pm (EST) brings us an Aries New Moon, which is the first New Moon of spring.

With Aries being a fiesty fire sign, this Moon’s energy is enveloped in presence, courage, action and confidence. Aries’ are natural leaders, who are fueled by passion, initiative, and a deeep need for independence/self-sufficiency. This is a powerful lunar initation, which will naturally lead you into being who you really are, and who you have always been.
The last Full Moon in Virgo gave us the the energies of perfection, practicality, boundaries, and meticulousness. It also provided light for the areas of life that needed more organization, and gave us the opportunity to create a new “blueprint” for our reality. The echo forward from this last significant lunar event, to now, has been an energetic quiet storm, washing away what no longer served you, and organizing/finding clarity. Now, this Aries moon comes in with vigor and vitality, giving us the “kick” we need to truly align with our highest desires in this moment now.
This energy is all about action, confidence, and (metaphorically) kicking ass. Do not be afraid to dream big, because Aries will not let you think small. Stop shirking, and feeling as though you aren’t good enough, you are neither inadequate, and you’ve never been small…you are enough, you are worthy, and you deserve to live your desires, always. Let the flames of Aries’ fire purify thoughts of worthlessness, as you step into your worth and claim your true value on every level of your life.

Confidence is key, but it is important to remember the “shadow” side of Aries. Aries have a tendency to be a bit “much” to handle, and the strong personality of this sign can trickle through and play tricks on you as the lunar energies intensify in conjunction with the astrological significance.

Some Important Reminders for the Aries New Moon

  • Don’t let confidence turn to conceit. Smiles > Smugness.
  • Be honest, and authentic with how you feel – but stay mindful of other’s feelings. Delivery is just as important as the message.
  • Find balance between selflessness and (healthy) selfishness.
  • Loyalty to loved ones is equally as important as loyalty to self. It’s not always about you.
  • Burn bright, but don’t burn out. Take time to pause, and try not to burn the candle at both ends.
  • Aries loves to take action, but don’t mistake inspiration for impulse. Listen to your inspirations, and write them down – don’t jump without understanding the territory.
  • Rams love to charge head on, and to react…as does ego. Release insecurities that manifest as ego, and use your breath as your greatest ally. If Aries’ fiery temper wants to come to the surface, breathe before reacting, and step into your heart space before choosing your words.
  • Balance, balance, balance! Walk the line between boldness and radical softness. Have confidence, but stay humble. Be authentic without being abrasive.


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