Microdosing Psychedelics for Mental Acuity

Microdosing is a type of technique in studying the behavior of a particular drug to an individual through a low dose of administration that is unlikely to release a whole body effect but is high enough in allowing a cellular response wherein it is fit for a conduction of study. This also allows scientist to produce a drug for individuals who needs more therapeutic medication to meet the desired goal of treatment. Through pharmacokinetics, this enables a good observation as to how low it is for the drug to effect. The term “microdosing” is also used for dispensing small amounts of drug substance to be incorporated into a drug product.


The benefit of micro dosing psychedelics for individuals ensures that it has a good effect when it comes to the following:

Mental Acuity

Due to the low dosage is given for people who are suffering from hallucinations, high level of stress, experiencing anxiety or have the anxiety disorder, even to those who have ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. In this case, microdosing psychedelics helps you become productive and at the same time, it gives you a break through from having mental or a writer’s block.

Regain of energy and develops a quick response

It gives you a degree of energy wherein you can perform your day to day living; if you are engaged in sports, you can also do your skills in a quick and energetic way. This means that your stamina is improved and your ability to do things per usual.

It improves their overall well-being- it is reported that it wears off depression, and alleviates a cluster of different types of headaches. It also enhances your mood and helps you have more focus.


Critical thinking and decision making are improved as well when an individual is in the process of microdosing.


While there are benefits that you can gain from the medication, of course, there is a need to look out for effects of microdosing psychedelics. It is important that you monitor an individual who is microdosing because it can lead to drug dependency and perhaps abuse.

See My Week of Microdosing on Acid Was a Failed Test in Self Control.


Although microdising can only be taken in small amounts on a regular basis, the risk of taking it more than the usual intake may lead to serious complications that are why strict monitoring is a must. It is like one dose of microdosing is not enough to be taken to you become dependent which may lead to overdosing.


Microdosing produces a great impact to every individual, and it helps you reach your level of optimum wellness. Its benefits can make one individual become very productive and able to do his or her activities of daily living. Integrating microdosing psychedelics creates an outcome that is very helpful to all people in the community in different aspects of your life. Microdosing can truly make you more than a better person, and you have a great relationship to your body and remember that it promotes a complete change in your life.

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