4 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Hemp

Do you want to add an extraordinary super-food to your diet which will help you feel refreshed, full of vitality and energy?

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Look no further than hemp – the plant which helped clothe, feed, heal and build homes for the human population over thousands of years. You may have noticed a surge of hemp products in the health-food section of your local supermarket, from hemp seeds and powders, to hemp butters and hemp oils. You may also find hemp derived supplements like CBD hemp capsules and oils in the vitamin section.

What exactly is hemp? Hemp is a plant of the species Cannabis Sativa. There are other plants belonging to this same species as well – out of which, the notorious hallucinogen “marijuana” is one of them. The term “cannabis” can be used to describe both hemp (a harmless and very healthy plant) as well as marijuana.

You might be wondering what the difference is between them. Well, the mind-altering substances which trigger the euphoric states from consuming cannabis are due to chemical compounds called “alkaloids”.

These chemical substances are responsible for the “high” feeling – and it is especially due to the alkaloid called THC. Hemp, on the other hand, contains very low doses of this chemical substance (to the point that there are no biological effects whatsoever) so there are virtually no risks associated with consuming hemp. Basically, if you consume hemp, you get all the benefits of consuming marijuana – but without getting feeling “high” and without breaking the law.

The benefits of eating hemp are far too numerous to list here. However, in the following paragraphs you will discover the most awe-inspiring ones, as well as the best way to get the benefits of hemp without consuming dozens of pounds on a daily basis.

Amazing Hemp Benefit #1 – Increases Your Fiber and Protein Intake

If you want to stop constipation and get rid of bloating once and for all, hemp is your best friend. Rich in fiber and easy to digest, consuming more hemp seeds can help you regulate your digestion and even improve your cardiovascular function, as this study shows. NCBI

Hemp is also composed of 30% protein – and not just any protein but also complete protein (which is very rare to find in the vegetal kingdom), which makes it a versatile and healthy substitute of “heavier” foods such as meat.

Amazing Hemp Benefit #2 – Hemp Improves Mood and Promotes Relaxation

One of the best products of hemp is CBD oil. CBD oil is basically a very refined tincture which gives you most of the healthy benefits of hemp without the calories and eating.

What is even more interesting is that various studies have shown that CBD oil can be very effective in treating depression as well as improving overall mood and promoting relaxation.

It’s not just depression which can be treated with CBD oil – other psychological (and even psychiatric) disorders can be successfully treated with this CBD oil.

Amazing Hemp Benefit #3 – Soothes & Nourishes Your Skin

Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ of our body?

When consuming hemp, along with its numerous healthy compounds, this skin is also prone to benefit from its nutritious properties.

This is true especially due to the fatty acids (omega 3s and omega 6), as well as the plethora of minerals and vitamins found in hemp.

You will find that eating hemp can improve your skin tone and give it a new shiny look, as well as treating various dermatological disorders .

Amazing Hemp Benefit #4 – Lowers Your Systemic Inflammation

Due to the increased quantity of healthy fats that hemp seeds contain (especially omega 3s and omega 6s, in an optimal ratio), eating hemp seeds can greatly help with lowering systemic inflammation and improving the condition of the chronic health issues associated with this (such as chronic digestive issues, brain fog, autoimmune disorders and others).

Also, hemp seeds contain gamma-linolenic acid, which has been proven to have several health benefits. Springer

Besides these healthy and healing fats, hemp seeds also boosts the levels of vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) as well as increasing the intake of various minerals vital to the body’s well being.

There’s a smarter (and easier) way of getting all these benefits without eating ridiculous amounts of hemp seeds. CBD oil offers you all the benefits of hemp (especially lowering systemic inflammation, as shown by this study without all the hassle and effort.

As you can see, hemp might be actually a super-food which is worth its name. If you want to enjoy all the benefits listed here (plus many more) make sure you sprinkle hemp seeds as much as possible on your daily meals, as well as trying CBD oil for faster healing and rejuvenation.

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