Seeds of an Altered Perspective

Below is an excerpt from my new book. This work is the collections of thoughts and insights I had during my cancer healing journey.

“Getting cancer was not on my bucket list, but I truly see this as a positive opportunity to take life to a new level. I am indeed going to kick its ass.” –March 6, 2015
During this past year my perspective on life has been altered. It’s not that I have become someone completely different; I’ve simply shed the skin of the conditioned responses I took on as my own. As you can see from my words above, I believed that I needed to fight against cancer in order to try to be cancer-free. What I later learned is that if I wanted to heal, I would have to work with the cancer, not against it. Our society teaches us to fight against disease, but why would we listen to that advice when cancer is the second-leading cause of death? Obviously the tactics we’re using are not working.

As I continued my cancer research, I realized that trying to fight cancer was the last thing I should do. Cancer cells are cells that have gone rogue and forgotten their job. Why would I try to destroy something inside my body? When a loved one or a friend has lost their way, is it best for us to get rid of them, to write them off? No, what they need is love and care. And so I saw that what I wanted to do was help the cancer cells remember who they were. I would attempt to gently guide them back into harmony with my body. In doing so, I would begin the process of healing not only the cancer, but myself in how I treated myself and others. Living life with compassion is a much easier and more fruitful way to live life.

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