A Beautiful Invocation Dedicated to The Cause of The Standing Rock Sioux

Invocation is defined as “the action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority”.

In spiritual work, this process is “charged” by placing intention to tone, through speaking out loud what is desired with an open heart, mind, and soul.   As many us know and feel, the times we are facing as a collective consciousness are tumultuous at best. Our spirits, strength, and willpower have all been tested to such a degree – that the density in the air is palpable.  

One of the great tests we are facing as nation comes from the cause of the Standing Rock Sioux, who have been tirelessly fighting (see: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests) against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is in violation of treaty land, Sioux territory that was established many years ago by the federal government.     The following invocation was written by Benjamin W. Decker, and is dedicated to All Beings, but specifically dedicated it to the cause of the Standing rock Sioux.   We invite you to say this out loud, and put your tone into this intention – so we may ripple the vibration of these words to the universe, and allow for healing, and positive winds of change.


All Hallow’s Eve Invocation For The Benefit of All Beings by Benjamin W. Decker

Mighty Creator known by all religions,

Saints and sages of all traditions,

Angels, guides and masters of light,

We call upon you from the dark of night.

Earth below and sky above,

From dark & fear, to Light & Love.

With loved ones gone and loved ones here

Past, present, future, far and near.  

We banish the darkness that binds us,

And invoke the light that defines us.

We set aside childish things,

And speak forgiveness for all beings.

Kingdoms fall and empires crack,

We see abundance replace all lack.

Giving strength to the weak,

Harmony & peace is all we seek.

The winds of change we feel tonight,

Dawn approaches, shining bright.

Praying peace in all directions,

Singing harmony in all dimensions.

Caterpillar to butterfly, acorn to tree,

May these thoughts be as seeds,

In our hearts and minds they grow,

And in the world around us show.

For Only Good do we say these things,

And the Benefit of ALL BEINGS.

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