The Black Moon on September 30th, 2016: A Powerful Portal to New Possibility

September 30th, 2016 brings us a Black Moon, which is a very rare celestial event that occurs when two New Moon’s fall in the same month.

While sky-gazers may not see anything too visually stimulating in the heavens – the energies that are a foot are filled with the divine light of all that can be, will be, and is.

New moon’s symbolically represent a portal for new beginnings, and emphasis is placed upon where your thoughts are directing their attention (both good and bad). As energetic beings we are sensitive to lunar cycles, and the word “lunatic” stems from the Latin word lunaticus, which originally referred mainly to epilepsy and madness, as diseases thought to be caused by the moon. We can allow the energy to work for us, or against us – only by the might of our will and true desire.

Having two New Moons in one month is going to usher in an extremely powerful time of transition, a blossoming into who you’ve always wanted to become, yet may have previously been afraid to be. You may find yourself confronted with areas from your past that need to be forgiven and let go, and this time around it may feel a lot easier to do. Darkness works in your favor, and will provide you strength to call forth the light you wish to receive. We are approaching a time where an even greater spiritual awakening is to occur, and you will appreciate the bigger picture of your soul’s work here on planet Earth. Ego will take the backseat, as your spirit comes to the forefront. If you have desired change or a major shift in your life, the Black Moon is going to give you an amazing push in the right direction, and is to create a new foundation for the life you wish to build.

Once this Black Moon’s “door” is opened, there is no turning back. Moving forward from now, until 2017, there will be a quickening from which there is no slowing down. Take the opportunities that are presented to you, and move forward fearlessly. No dream is too big, no wish is too small – if your heart is in the right place, you will manifest that which you desire with effortless ease. But…you must be careful what you wish for. Refine you mind, and clear your thoughts of negativity, because these too shall be made manifest if your energetic attention is placed on anything that serves the ego, and is of a lesser vibration.

The tides of change are tumultuous, and the shift will only be as difficult as you make it. If you ride the lunar forces and focus on the positivity and the power you have as an individual, this will ripple forward and carry through to the greater collective consciousness.


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  • Juliette A Landes
    September 30, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    A truly remarkable time…Ascending.

  • The Fluxy
    October 1, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    Guidelines for the world of tomorrow
    – Basic premises: An evolution from a fear based society to a by love guided and inspired harmonious habitat.
    – Emancipation, de-paternalisation and empowerment of the people!
    – Abolishment of elite ruled particracy systems. These are holding back, all forms of true and direct democratic processes.
    – The organization of real, open and fair channels through which people will be able to participate in the democratic processes. Every participant should get a fair and honest chance to become a representative of the people.
    – A on a positive worldview based renewed faith in the potential and the possibilities of the individual. While at the same time keeping a watchful eye on the needs of the collective.
    – An active release, collectively and individually of fear! Through the gathering of insights in our on fear dominated ego based decisions.
    Which basically lead to fear based actions. Which hinder the individual concerned, as well as the collective.
    – A reorganization of social structures to provide a decent basic income for everybody. Accompanied next to this, all possibilities to express and develop him/herself as much as possible. And as much (or less) as he desires. With the possibility to achieve, work and earn as much as he wants.
    – A complete re-thinking of the educational system! This, with the ultimate goal to tap into the natural intelligence of our young people. To educate them to become well-balanced, adult, responsible, as well as inspired with a sense of criticism, but at the same time fair and honest citizens.
    – More attention in the education for core values, like respect, self-respect and self-esteem. The youth should be informed and educated about the importance of taking care of the body. Care for the inner world. As well as care for the outer one.
    – Humanity will evolve to a state in which it will release all forms of organized religions! Humanity will start following this path, completely voluntarily, once it has achieved a level of general freedom and positive self-esteem. At this point, all men will collectively see how these are nothing but old and completely outdated fear based mechanisms. Which only tried to perpetuate fear through manipulation of the ego.
    The latter differs completely from what people could think of the disappearance of the individual inner spiritual experience! Humanity will acknowledge, out of its being and nature, the energy out of which it exists, which drives us and which steers us.
    Humanity acknowledges its desire to experience this inner energy as an outer reality, as its natural desire.
    The big difference however, will lie in the fact that mankind will let go of its ego based projections of itself into images of supreme beings of any kind. Here also, the fear factor will be released! Which will neutralize the ego driven power factor. As well as the inner conflict which prevented us from having a true and authentic spiritual experience.
    – Humanity will release its believe in competition! In the sense, that the concept of competition will be transformed. Competition will serve other purposes. It will be a form of training! A way to sharpen and strengthen the inner talents. So, competition will no longer be used as a model to fight one another. With the ego driven purpose to conquer or suppress others.
    Because we will have no other choice, we will have to transform our society thoroughly! With a basic premise and accent on cooperation. Of healthy balances. Between the needs of the individual and the collective. Saying, that where the needs of the collective are fulfilled, there will be an enormous expansion of creation to achieve great things. And create enormous wealth. As well individually. As collectively.
    Please, consider this as a first sketch, which will be adjusted and perfected by all humanity, going along in our evolution!