Navigating the Dream-State + Aligning With Your Higher Self: All About the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th, 2016

Artwork by Evgenij Soloviev

On Friday, September 16, 2016 we will be experiencing a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon will be exact at 3:05pm EDT, with the Sun in Virgo forming an opposition to the Moon in Pisces.

Each Full Moon carries a different energetic signature, yet the binding factor is the fact that these energies are always tied to an emotional release. The spiritual significance (and emotional energies) of the Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with the Full Moon, deals with relationships with self, as well as those we are romantically connected to. We find ourselves faced with situations that test our faith in love (of self and other), and magnify our fears and doubts. Secrets of the past may be revealed, which in turn will unlock deeper secrets of your own nature in the present sense, and a new power from within may emerge.

A resurrection of creativity, or a new “calling” may come to the surface that is more in alignment with your spiritual and emotional desires. The Virgo-Pisces nature calls us to closer examine what we truly want in our heart of hearts, and what it is we need to manifest in order to get these wants. Through this reflection, it is important to place emphasis on reconciling any feelings of lack by replacing them with love and gratitude. Balance being the operative word as we work our way through this particular Lunar cycle.

These lunar energies will also bring about a heightened sense of awareness in waking life, as well as in the dream state. It is advised to take note of as many symbols as possible that you may remember from your dreams, as they will become more apparent through signs and synchronicities, which will guide you along your path over the next few days. Our subconscious mind is a great teacher, and while the surreal abstractions of the dreamscape may seem hard to decipher, placing emphasis and attention to the small details will unveil a bigger picture. For example, you may have a dream about the color orange or the number 7 – while seemingly insignificant, if you write down these symbols, and closer examine them,  you may find that within the dream-state these symbols appeared to give you a message about your emotional center (orange relates to the sacral chakra) and your quest for wisdom and truth (in numerology 7 is tied to “the searcher of Truth”). Journaling every detail you can remember from  your dreams over the next few days will prove to be a very powerful exercise for navigating the coming energetic vortex we are about to step into.

In a world where a million things are happening and once, paying attention to the small stuff can seem challenging. Yet the small moments weave together a bigger picture, which in turn allows us to find a refined sense of vision for the present and the future we are constantly creating with our thoughts. Maintaining balance, and cultivating the power of mind allows us the opportunity to harness the emotional influx that happens during the Full Moon. Our focused attention, and our breath will serves as our biggest allies, and if you meet whatever challenges you are faced with, with an aware mind, a calm inhale, and peaceful exhale – you’ll sail through these cosmic seas swimmingly.


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