Finding Freedom in Commitment

Most people who are self-proclaimed commitment-phobic find that it makes them feel trapped. The truth is we’re always committed to something in life. If you aren’t committed to one thing then you are committed to its opposite. There’s no escaping the polarities of our existence and your mind is so powerful that it will always seek to find more of what you’re committed to.

When I reached a crisis point in my life, I felt trapped everywhere. My job, relationships, and health all made me feel like I was suffocating and lost control. I realized that I wasn’t a commitment to fulfilling the desires I had of what my life could be. So I decided to go all-in and commit 100% to create a life of freedom. What I’ve found is that the further I dive into my commitment to something, the freer I become.

When I committed to my health, I cured a disease I had fought for 30 years with migraines. That gave me the freedom to not go to doctors, not be bedridden for hours and days on end and no more excuses why I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. As I continue to commit to my health, I feel energized and strong each day as my body continues to balance into wholeness with healthy eating, exercising and meditation.

When I commit to romantic relationships, it shows up as letting go of any attachment to how it should be. I can enjoy the freedom of love with another and be held in the arms of my man in the present moment without having to plan our future step by step. Committing to loving a person exactly as they are and especially when triggered as hell. The freedom this gives to my mind is unlike anything I’ve ever been taught about relationships and has allowed me the deepest most connected relationships I’ve ever experienced.

When I commit to my business, it frees me from constantly thinking about the next thing I need to do. I plan my calendar for 90 days and scheduling all of my actions and tasks gives me the freedom to see when I can enjoy my personal life and how my business will grow. Doubt disappears and focus is enhanced. Work becomes effortless because I know exactly what I need to do.

We express our freedom through commitment. It carves a direction and a path that can only be chosen by you. Obstacles and challenges are easily overcome because your focus is held on exactly what you want. Ultimately, commitment gives you satisfaction & achievement of your greatest desires.

When you don’t commit, you are trapping yourself. Let go of the blame game and take a look at what you are really committed to. How is that commitment serving you? How can committing to its opposite give you the freedom you’re looking for? What’s the first step you can take today to give yourself that freedom?

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