An Illustrated Journey Through Musical Magick

Artwork by Pilar Zeta

Sword in the Stone

The Black Stone at Mecca

Black Stone | Notes on Musical Staff

The Words in the Notes

The original Italian word for musical staff paper was pentagramma meaning five-lettered.
You must “read between the lines” of the treble clef if you want to see the hidden FACE.
The Original FACE Within a Five-Lined and Five-Lettered Pentagram

The Hand Holds the Staff and the Sword


OverStone and UnderStone


Earth as the Fundamental Tone

Music of the Spheres Represents the Overtone

Cymatic Prayer Formations Toward the Black Stone

Flaming Sword Held by Cherubim Guarding the Gates of Eden

In the Beginning was the Sword

The Serpent Scales


Read about the Harmony of the Spheres


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