Sex Magick and the Holy Grail: An Interview with Tanishka

Tanishka, the ‘Moon Woman,’ is about to embark on her Virgin: The Return of the Grail UK Tour.  It is a rare chance to feel divine love, devotion and sexual healing.

The Holy Grail and Sacred Blood is a mystery that has confounded scholars and historians for centuries.  It will likely remain a fascination of the popular imagination for the better part of this century thanks to the popularity of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.  It is a riddle of epic proportions: Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?  And did he produce a bloodline that we can trace to the present day?

According to the ‘Moon Woman’ Tantric priestess Tanishka, the Holy Grail and Sacred Blood are both very real and easily to find in the modern day.  But the mystery does not require a dictionary of symbols or a complex code to crack; rather, it requires that we stop looking for lineages and start looking at cycles, and that we ask ourselves fundamentally different questions.  Rather than wondering if Jesus was married and where his great-great-great-great-great-grandkids are today, we should instead be asking: Who was the Magdalene? And where does her blood flow?

These questions will be explored in depth in Tanishka’s upcoming workshop and speaking tour across the United Kingdom, Virgin: The Return of the Grail.


“[The Magdalene] was a title given to the High Priestess in the ancient world who governed the Grail Mysteries, the Blood Mysteries.  Mary the Magdalene was one of the Magdalenes,” explains Tanishka about the role of the Magdalene in initiatic blood rites..  “The teachings of the ancient feminine mysteries weren’t written down…  It was the oral tradition, it was handed down directly through osmosis, through transmission—by directly entering into a mystery that you know nothing about, entering into a sacred ceremony to enter the unknown, to face your fear of the unknown.”

“The Magdalene was one who initiated both men and women into rites of passage in order to create a shift in the psyche from ego to soul,” she adds.  “There are a number of blood mysteries.  The first is puberty, when a young maiden starts cycling with the moon.  It opens her psychic gifts.  When we are in our moon time—when we are bleeding—what happens is that the blood spirals in the Inner Grail cup, and it takes our consciousness deep within, and into a light trance state.  This is why women would gather in moon lodges and red tents: to honor how psychically expanded they were during this time; to bring through teachings, healings and divination for themselves, for each other, and for the collective.  This is why a woman when she reached ‘moon-pause’ (which became menopause) was honoured as an elder had served the tribe by meditating and working with the Lunar Law, and working with her sacred blood—the holy blood, the sang real—every month for years.  It is said that a woman—if there is such a thing as an average woman—bleeds for seven years if you put all that time back to back.”

Tanishka has played an integral part in the founding of the Red Tent movement, a worldwide sisterhood dedicated to the restoration of the rites of passage of the Sacred Blood.  For countless women across the globe, the Red Tent movement has healed the experience of menstruation from one of vulgar shame to sacred enlightenment.  No longer bound by the abject waste of “sanitary napkins,” sisters in the Red Tent movement have found their Moon Cycle to be a gateway to feast on senses attuned to their Divine Feminine and Gaian Consciousness.

“In the patriarchal culture, the blood has been demonized… Our blood, our semen, our amrita (which is the sexual fluid of women), all of the fluids of our body contain codes—magickal codes, alchemical codes.  If we’re stuck in a mindset of seeing our bodies as less than sacred, then we view the sacred blood as akin to toxic waste.  Every time a woman throws out a ‘sanitary pad,’ as they are called, she’s anchoring: ‘This is worthless. This is dirty.’  Whatever we do habitually—ritualistically—we anchor it.  So it’s such an act of power for woman to go, ‘Wow, hang on a minute, I could be pouring this on my plants.  This is… the most potent, life force-infused substance on the face of the earth.  Why am I putting this in the rubbish?’”

Tanishka’s earliest experience with pleasure happened at age nine while she was suffering from an illness, and discovered that self-pleasure has powerful healing potential.

“It started for me when I was 9-years-old, which is taboo to say in our culture, that children have sexuality,” she says with profound confidence and brazen defiance of cultural norms. “[There are] images of fetuses in utero pleasuring themselves.  These nerve endings that we have are part of our natural function to feel our way to what is pleasurable and self-sooth.  So, when I was nine, was very sick… which is interesting, because in indigenous cultures that’s the mark of a shaman, a child who is very sick in their ninth year, because we live in nine year cycles.  It’s like our first big death.  Looking back on it, that’s when I started self-pleasuring.  I actually feel like it was an intuitive way of healing myself, because I started spending so much time with myself in bed that it became a form of deep intimacy with the self.”

She self-initiated into the mysteries of divine sexuality in her mid-20’s by secluding herself in a solar-powered hut on top of an underground lake, where she practiced sex magick regularly by drawing down divine energies such as Pan and Yeshua through sacred acts of self-pleasure.  It was through these experiences that Tanishka discovered her calling as a tantrika, a female priestess of the Tantric arts.

“[Growing up] we had a carpet snake that lived in the ceiling of the bathroom, so there was a lot of serpentine Kundalini energy there,” she says.  “But it wasn’t until I was 26 [that] I was initiated into women’s mysteries in the form of meeting the archetypes of the Inner Goddesses, and that’s what flipped the switched.  As soon as I heard that it was like coming home.  I took a sabbatical and I lived in a little solar powered hut for a year on top of an underground lake, which was an ideal place to channel.  Stonehenge was built on top of a lake.  The pyramids were built on top of a lake…  All the indigenous shamans would always sit by a body of water, since water is a receptive element, to channel—to bring through intuitive downloads.  So, I spent a year just doing self-initiated ritual, and some of that was sex magick.”

It is through her intuitive wisdom of sex magick that Tanishka manifests her desire to transform the global consciousness from the Male Dominator Culture to one of Gaian Enlightenment.  The Western attitude toward sexuality is maligned through commodification of the body, witnessed in everything from consumerist attitudes toward menstruation and the heedless consumption of pornography to human trafficking and sexual slavery.

“It’s been inverted.  Everything that was holy to the indigenous people—to the earth-loving people, to those that honored the sacred feminine—has been inverted,” she states. “For instance, the symbol of Venus, the five-pointed star, is her trajectory across the celestial sphere.  And that was turned upside down [and became] the Devil.  Well, the Devil was simply Pan, the archetype of the Wild Man that resides in the base chakra and is the expression of the Sacred Masculine.  So if the rational mind views that part of ourselves as dirty, shameful and sinful, then it gets suppressed—and what is suppressed gets distorted.  And this is one of the reasons that we have a pandemic of sex addiction and porn addiction, particularly amongst the brothers.  It’s literally syphoning their sexual energy and leaving them impotent and disempowered.  The irony is what they are chasing is virility, potency and male power, because they don’t feel that.  They don’t have a rites of passage.  They don’t know what it is to be a man, because they’re fathers were disempowered.”

The commodification of sexuality in society is a great source of suffering worldwide, according to Tanishka, and it affects both women and men in complex and disturbing ways.

“We’re so naive after 5000 years of suppressing mystical teachings…  [Men need] to honor their seed, to go ‘This is my life force.  So if I’m expending it every night in front of some virtual, cyber interaction which is not honoring of me, then I am charging up a thoughtform of degradation and domination into the collective consciousness using my chi, using my sexual life force.  [I’m] over stimulating the base chakra and creating an addiction to something that is not even real.’  So we have a form of negative sex magick in our planet at the moment which is disempowering the collective masculine.

She expresses particular concern for her daughter growing up in a world where men have been raised on pornography, and concern for young boys who lack connection to the Rites of the Sacred Blood and initiation into manhood.

“I’m so concerned not just for our girls collectively, but for our boys.  The biggest demographic of porn users are boys aged 12-15.  And it’s because they don’t have their older mentors saying, ‘This is how you honor your sexual potency.  This is how you court and woo a young woman so that she is moved to open herself to you.’  Instead, they’re watching abusive images, which they are thinking is normal adult human sexuality.  And then unconsciously that is informing their behavior and their expectation of girls.  And similarly, girls are think that they have to act, behave and look like a porn star, and pretend that abuse is pleasurable.”

Tanishka has launched her Virgin: Return of the Grail UK tour to spread her teachings in hope that they will restore sexuality to a sacred position in our culture.

“The Grail, what I teach, is about restoring that most sacred practice: the Kingship rite for young men,” she elucidates on her teachings.  “This is what Yeshua—Jesus—was teaching.  The Holy Sacrament of the eucharist—communion.  He’s talking about, ‘When you drink my blood don’t forget the Grail, don’t forget the oath that you took in that sacred ceremony.”

She expresses astonishment at the perpetuation of the myth that the Grail is a symbol of patrilineal bloodlines, while reserving respect for the writers who disseminate these misconceptions.

“Bless our patriarchal writers like Dan Brown with The Da Vinci Code and even Laurence Gardner,” she says  “They’re still going on about the Grail being dynastic bloodlines.  It’s not about tracing lineages of external power.  It’s about inner power.”

Those seeking to unleash that power will be able to do so with a series of talks, workshops and seminars on Tanishka’s Virgin: Return of the Grail UK Tour.  The first one-day event of the tour, taking place on May 21 in London, will provide men women with tools and insight necessary to navigate relationships in the 21st Century.  The following day, May 22nd, will hold a workshop aimed specifically at men to reclaim their authentic self-expression by examining their subconscious beliefs about money, sex and power.


At the heart of the Virgin: Return of the Grail UK Tour is a special 10-day residential retreat in Glastonbury called The Alchemy of Love.  For 12 men and 12 women, the experience will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transcend through the power of love; transform and heal through acts of beauty; and give and receive acts of kindness and devotion for the Highest Good of All.  

The Alchemy of Love will feature ceremonies at sacred sites Stonehenge, The Chalice Well and Merlin’s Cave.  It will culminate in the Grand Cross taking place on June 4 and 5, an astrological vortex that will command and intensify energetic intention.  In Vedic Astrology, the upcoming Grand Cross will take place in the fixed signs of the Zodiac, which according to Tanishka is a fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision of the four animals of the fixed cross followed by a rainbow heralding the return of heaven on earth, as well as the Hopi Indian prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow.  It is a time to follow the heart’s wisdom, to spiral together with the divine cycles of nature to restore sacred balance of the global culture.

This rare opportunity to be part of a global convergence that will restore peace and harmony to the world by raising vibrations and awakening consciousness.  There is only space for 12 men and 12 women in The Alchemy of Love, and those spaces are filling up quickly.  Click here to reserve your space in The Alchemy of Love now.

As part of her devotion to global sexual healing, Tanishka will be donating 15% of all ticket sales to the Art2healing Project to “fund the rehabilitation of girls & women who have survived human trafficking as well as prevention safe houses for children recently orphaned in the 2015 Nepal earthquake who at risk of being sold into a life of slavery.”

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Click here to reserve your space at The Alchemy of Love retreat in Glastonbury, UK.

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