10-Step Qi Gong Meditation For Grounding

The following is called the One through Ten Meditation and is used to prepare for Qigong practice. It allows one to relax, sink and root the mind. This meditation allows extension of the energetic field before connecting with the Divine or a higher power. This meditation is used to create a sacred healing space and is taught in a rhyming one through ten counting format described as follows.

H/T: AspenRayne.tumblr.com

1. One is Fun, therefore take pleasure in your practice. Imagine a smile melting down the front of your body like warm oil, melting all stress and tension into the Earth. A second smile melts down the back of your body, dissolving all stress and tension down into the Earth. A Third and final smile melts down the centre of your head, relaxing all thoughts, judgements and feelings and flows down your shoulders, arms and out of your hands. The melting continues to flow down the centre of your torso, like warm oil, melting all emotional blocks and tension, and then flows down your legs and into the ground. At this point your mind and body should feel content, relaxed and peaceful.

2. Two is Shoe, Thus imagine your shoes or feet melting into the ground like ice on a hot pavement. The energy of the feet fuses with the Earth, melting in five directions-forward, backward, left, right and down. This connects your mind and body with Earth energy.

3. Three is Tree, therefore feel yourself extending tree roots from your feet to twice your bodies height deep into the ground. The roots expand in five directions–forward, backward, left, right and down, securing your rooting and connection with the Earth energy.

4. Four is Core, thus imagine your roots extending deep in to the core of the planet. The Earth energy flows into these roots, ascending up the legs, spine, over your head, down the chest and enters your lower Dantien. This action allows you to draw Earth energy deep into your body and circulate it through the Microcosmic Orbit (up the spine and head and down the face and front centreline into the lower energy chamber). A solid connection to the Earth roots your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and fills up your Lower Dantien with energy.

5. Five is Alive, therefore feel the Earth energy building up within your Lower Dantien. The energy increases to the point that your Dantien can no longer contain its power. It rushes up the centre of your chest like a might river, dividing into two streams which flow through your arms and out each palm into the Earth. This actions releases and emits the energy stored in your Lower Dantien.

6. Six is Thick, thus imagine the room or environment where you are standing being filled with energy. This energy becomes so thick, it is as if you are submerged under water. This fuses the environmental energy with your energy and the Earth’s energy into one dynamic field of energy.

7. Seven is Heaven, therefore allow your Baihui point (Top, centre of the scalp) to open up and draw in the divine healing white light into your Upper Dantien (physically inside your head). Let the divine light fill your head and the entire Upper Dantien area till it floods and shines down from the Upper Dantien into your chest, filling up the entire Middle Dantien within the rib cage. Finally, the light shines down from the Middle Dantien filling up the lower abdominal area and the entire Lower Dantien. This light connects you with the Heavenly healing white light energy from the divine, filling up all three Dantiens and your Taiji Pole (the column of energy running from the top of your scalp, down and along your spine). Thus Heavenly and Earthly energies fuse within your body.

8. Eight is Open the Gates, therefore imagine opening every pore on your surface tissues, and begin to draw the environmental energy into your Taiji Pole upon inhalation. Upon exhalation imagine your centre core vibrating and glowing like a neon light. This visualisation energises your centre core, harmonises your energy and breath and prepares you for Qi and Shen (energy and light) projection.

9. Nine is Shine, therefore imagine that your centre core becomes completely full of energy and overflows by shining (from the Taiji Pole outward) through your pores until it fills up the entire room, like a bright phosphorus flare. This visualisation fuses Heaven Qi, Earth Qi and Man’s Qi with the external environment.

10. Ten is Begin, With all things now in order, you are physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually in harmonywith your body, the Heavenly energy and Earthly energy. You can now begin your practice.

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