Seven Faces of Everywoman & Their Impact on Your Health

Seven Faces of Everywoman & Their Impact on Your Health

There are seven aspects which comprise the feminine psyche. Each of these feminine archetypes govern one of the seven major energy centers, known as chakras in our bodies. When any of these aspects are repressed, the energy doesn’t flow in their corresponding area of the body, resulting in chronic health conditions.   In this article, Tanishka, author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ shares how to recognize which archetypes are responsible for common illnesses and how to heal them.


Base Chakra: The Wild Woman


This is the primal part of our feminine expression. When this aspect is empowered we don’t second guess doing what comes naturally. This results in honest and authentic self-expression and acceptance of our body and it’s natural functions. We feel vital and passionate with a healthy libido because we are able to speak up when we feel frustrated and recognize feelings of anger as a sign that something needs to change, which inspires us to take right action.

Wild Woman Health Issues:

  • Bowel. Those who suffer constipation often hold onto situations which angers them rather than expressing it and allowing the energy to move. Similarly irritable bowel syndrome can occur if we operate on ‘fight or flight’ mode – swinging between anxiety (diarrhea) and depression (constipation) because we don’t trust our survival instincts and act upon them, which confronting our fear of change.
  • Skin. Just like the saying ‘you’ve got itchy feet’ which indicates a need to move, skin itchiness and rashes often indicate we need to shed our old skin by making some big life changes. Those with chronic acne often feel unable to express their authentic self and their anger manifests as skin eruptions.
  • Low Energy Levels & Libido. If we suppress our anger, we suppress our libido and our passion for life. So dare to get in touch with what irritates you and respond creatively by taking action and you’ll feel more alive.


Sacral Chakra: The Beautiful Muse


This is the sensual part of our feminine expression. When this aspect is empowered we connect to life through our 5 earthly senses to experience full bodied pleasure. Sensuality helps us to connect with our bodies so we are then available to feeling sexually aroused but it is not in itself a sexual response. It is innocent, the way young children delight in the pleasures of exploring the touch of sand or the taste of oranges. If we shut down from our senses, we lose our childlike ability to experience joy and spontaneity through a spirit of playfulness.

Beautiful Muse Health Issues:

  • Comfort Eating: if we’re not taking time to nourish our soul through appreciating the simple pleasures of life, such as the beauty of an autumn tree or the smell of a bakery we unconsciously swing from sensual miser to glutton in an effort to fill ourselves with pleasure through a binge on food or alcohol.
  • Intestinal Imbalances: When the inner child is making our choices we tend to eat treats rather than food as medicine which can result in poor gut health due to bacterial imbalances and fungal infections which create sugar cravings and bloating. To address this tendency, close your eyes and have a telepathic conversation with your inner child to reassure them you’re going to take care of them so the adult self can make your dietary choices.
  • Lower Back Pain: we’re most likely to experience lower back pain when we don’t feel supported. This is usually when our inner child doesn’t feel held or seen for who we truly are, which is when we feel loved. So if you experience lower back pain, increase your opportunities for self-care and play and spend time with people who really appreciate you for who you are.


Solar Plexus Chakra: The Golden Heroine

















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This is the rational part of our feminine expression. When this aspect is empowered we are able to detach from emotional drama to discern strategic responses to our challenges. This includes the ability to prioritize tasks to reduce feelings of overwhelm and apply a consistent step-by-step approach to transcend obstacles.

Golden Heroine Health Issues:

  • Abdominal Stress Pains / Ulcers: since our rational mind is the problem-solving part of our psyche, if we are ruled by our intellect, we can become so focused on both existing and non-existent problems that we induce high levels of stress which results in poor appetite and high acidity which can result in indigestion. Often high functioning folk unwind with alcohol which increases acidity in the body. Instead do something physical, such as exercise or meditation to calm the mind.
  • Tension Headaches. Spending time focusing your mind on screens or books can create eye strain and neck tension, which contribute to tension headaches. If you can take regular breaks to relieve your eyes, along with daily yoga practice and regular massages to alleviate neck tension.
  • Head Colds: When we have too much on our minds, the stagnant energy can result in head colds. To alleviate do steam inhalations with peppermint essential oil and have a foot massage or reflexology treatment to bring the excess energy in your head down into your feet.


Heart Chakra: The Earth Empress



















Photo: Charlotte S. Mckee

This is the inner nurturer part of our feminine expression. When this aspect is empowered we identify and respond to our needs before our wants. We do this by connecting with our feelings which inform us of our needs.

Earth Empress Health Conditions:

  • Lungs / Bronchial Tubes. If we resist feeling sadness we can end up with congestion in our lungs and bronchial tubes due to a build up of unexpressed tears. When we access the support we need to feel our pain our body doesn’t need to express it for us.
  • Chronic Fatigue. If we tend to put ourselves last, by prioritizing the needs of others we create a pattern of adrenal burn out. Whilst the adrenals aren’t located near the heart, this symptom occurs when we over-rode our feelings indicated by our heart’s gnosis which results in us being uncentered and running around after others to the point of exhaustion.
  • Heart. Those who habitually ignore their feelings by doing what they think is expected of them, rather than what their innate essence is directing them to do often experience a hardening of the arteries which nourish the heart and even a heart attack. This is common in Japan where it is commonplace for people to work themselves to death at a young age in careers which offer no personal fulfillment.


Throat Chakra: The Medicine Woman









This is the inner healer part of our feminine expression. When this aspect is empowered we embrace our vulnerability as an opportunity to heal wounded parts of our psyche.

Medicine Woman Health Conditions:

  • Sore Throat / Laryngitis. When we have a sore throat or lose our voice, we can be swallowing our need to express our vulnerabilities. This is often because we don’t feel safe if we do. Ensuring we have a safe and supportive environment to express our vulnerabilities, such as a regular counselling session or women’s circle means we can expand rather than contract in the throat.
  • Neck. This is the bridge between our heart and our head so when we have a pain in the neck we are often caught in indecision between the two. Allowing ourselves to express both views by communicating them helps alleviate holding tension in the neck.
  • Psychic Armouring. If we are not consciously addressing our unresolved hurts and traumas through private healing or counselling sessions, we unconsciously seek to protect ourselves by shutting down our sensitivities which results in creating a ‘thick skin’ energetically. This makes us less available to intimacy with ourselves and others. So actively embrace healing and you’ll be more available to life.


Third Eye Chakra: The Wise Mystic





















This is the inner guide or teacher. The more we read the signs, symbols and synchronicity the mystic realms are showing us, the more we learn to trust our inner knowing. This aspect governs more of our mental health than our physical health.

Wise Mystic Health Conditions:

  • Migraines. Migraines are often a sign we haven’t been getting enough ‘down time’ to reflect and integrate past experiences. When there is a build up of energy in the third eye, our inner self is asking us to unplug from external stimulus and attune to our inner senses.
  • Senility. After we turn 50 our subtle senses become more acute, as the inner worlds become more vivid than the external world. In a culture which has viewed psychic phenomena as a sign of madness, the unconscious response to such experiences is to shut down one’s third eye out of fear. This blockage of energy contributes to short-term memory loss as we disassociate from the present and focus more upon the past, which is less threatening.
  • Depression. This aspect helps us process past events, endings and our fear of the unknown so if there is unexpressed fear, grief or trauma, the suppression can result in depression. If we find a shaman or spiritual midwife who can help us make sense of our darker experiences by providing insight we can transmute our past pain into experiential wisdom.


Crown Chakra: The High Priestess


















Photography by Steven Klein

This is the inner Tantrika or Magdalene. She is the aspect who enables us to experience ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. She governs our energy body, so her health is energetic rather than physical.

High Priestess Health Conditions:

  • Psychosis: When this center opens without us being sufficiently grounded we can experience delusions of grandeur, such as a ‘messianic complex’. This is a symptom of mania which occurs when we activate our life force, known in Sanskrit as ‘kundalini’ to open our cosmic awareness without being balanced by the other aspects of our psyche. Avoid recreational drugs and ecstatic practices, such as trance dance or chanting if you are not grounded.
  • Sex Addiction: If we are not experiencing a sense of union with existence through devotional practices we unconsciously seek out union through sexual encounters, be they physical or virtual. So try ecstatic practices like kirtan (devotional chanting), trance dance or kundalini yoga or meditative activities like creating sacred art mandalas to experience a sense of union to reduce a sexual dependency.

Tanishka, best known as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily guidance is coming touring the UK this May / June. For details about her events go to: http://www.starofishtar.com/uk-tour-2016/


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