8 Ways to Be In a Conscious Relationship With Water

I can’t tell you when my love affair with water began. In fact, I don’t recall a time when it didn’t exist.

With six planets in Cancer, I feel the pulses of water alive within me. Primordial, swampy spaces feel like home, crashing waves are my lullaby, and the splash of waterfalls my heartbeat. In my landlocked home in Colorado, I work consciously to commune with the Spirit of Water.

Water is life, a conscious living being on this planet and the first matter to take form from the ephemeral void. She is a powerful conductor of energy and will take on any form you ask her to hold. As such, we must be in presence and connection to ensure what she is “conducting” is with the highest and best of intentions. We can work consciously with water as an ally to further amplify our physical being; here are eight ways we can do such work.


8 Ways to Be In a Conscious Relationship With Water




The generosity of water astounds me. Ninety-six percent of our planet is water and nearly 70 percent makes up our bodies. Water gives unconditionally, acting as the source of all life, and asking for little in return.

In our expressed thanks, we can begin to acknowledge her and be in relationship of her bountiful love. Speak aloud your thanks while drinking, during showers, and even when washing your dishes. This minimal effort to acknowledge her abundant love will bring you into reciprocity with her spirit and connect you to the majesty of life around you.



The work of Dr. Masuru Emoto illustrates that water responds to us and is directly affected by our thoughts and words. Be in conscious connection with her by giving “purpose” to your water. What is it that you need in this moment and how can that be infused with each sip?

It will hold your frequency and serve you better when allowed to connect with your intention. Whisper your prayers and desires into the water so that it may serve, merge, and flow with you optimally.




Change is constant and the teachings of water are universal to life on this planet. If water becomes stagnant, contamination appears. Anything that is unmoving for too long will become disharmonious in nature. Allow this gentle reminder to motivate your actions and environment each day.

Be cognizant of water’s reminders for adapting to the world around you—let go, be in the flow, and refresh as necessary.




Water should always flow, curving and undulating wherever it needs to go. Yet in most developed nations, water goes through a series of angular pipes and metalwork—quite in contrast to its natural state. Several methods to “structure” your water exist, which will help the molecules gather together to better hydrate and nourish your gorgeous self.

Buy structured water or research fancy gadgets. The tensor rings of Slim Spurling and Twisted Sage are my go-to for restructuring my water.




Water’s ions calm us and connect us to the ancient spaces of peace within. Taking showers and baths are not only hygienic, but also are unique blessings of the water which can amplify psychic connections and alleviate physical and emotional distress.

Make your cleansing time sacred by honoring water’s elemental, primal nature. The sacred Maya engage in spiritual bathing and consider it one of the most revered of healing rituals.

Any bathing can be spiritual if we bring our attention to the holy. Use bath time to release all that no longer serves you. Adding epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oils to your routine will transform the ordinary into the divine.




We all know drinking water is beneficial, but how about the organs which rule water?

Chinese 5 Element Medicine acknowledges each organ is ruled by an element. The kidneys and bladder are the organs of water and their emotion is fear. Where attention goes, energy flows. Give your kidneys and bladder some love by visualizing flowing water moving through them. Amplify this meditation by allowing the water to wash over your entire body when you need to be cleared or refreshed.




Water is the feminine (yin) energy and a potent carrier of whatever intention we give her. She holds our reflective and quiet nature. Yet she is not to be taken lightly; a tsunami will destroy your ass so don’t see her as simply a delicate imp.

I always have fresh water on my altar. It gives water a place amongst my most sacred of spaces and reminds me to be mindful of her ways.




The rays of the sun shine down upon us, but it is the unique relationship between the moon and water which fascinates me more. Water actually rises from the earth to meet with the moon. It is the most passionate love story played out for us in nature. This makes moonlight a heightened time to do intentional work with the Spirit of Water.

I create moon water a couple of times a month to hold my intentions for the coming weeks. During the new and full moons, eclipses and holy days, I set a container of water outside at night to gather and charge.

You can place written intentions under it, or speak them into the water, and drink throughout the month to help you stay in alignment with your spiritual goals. It will help hold your focus and manifest the direction and outcome you seek.
As we move into places of more consciousness and vibration, connecting with the elements is one of the ways we can link to the ancient world to affect change upon this planet. Water is our most beloved ally and one who stands at at ready to help us become anything we desire.  

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