Immortality by Vinyl

With what began as a joke to mock the obsessive record collector, turns into a morbidly cool idea for those who want to creatively immortalize their existence. Limited to 30 copies, anyone can submit an incinerated body, body part, or pet – and put together a creative package of artwork with music or message.


The company And Vinyly, may seem like a joke, but with a few releases from beyond under their belt, the company is dead serious. The packages they offer are clever, with a sense of humor, considering darkness of the undertaking. They have portrait artists who will sit with you to customize your artwork with the ashes. They offer sonic templates to  accompany a message or spoken word. They have artists who can write and produce music specifically for you. They offer distribution to reputable worldwide record store, so you can ” travel the world”.

Their most expensive package is what they call a “FUNeral”, where one of their event specialists with organize your send off, and play your record. The website suggests “Speak to your guests, crack some jokes, embarrass someone, or make them dance”.  They were able to take this apparent joke far enough to create ” Death to Vinyl Records “, with a handful of extremely creepy tracks you can listen to. When the music industry is showing further signs of death, we found a creative way to give it some soul again. Make records, not graves.



To learn more about this, visit their website by clicking here.

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