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Join Us for a Moon Magick and Manifestation Journaling Workshop on 3/13/16

“Moon Magick and Manifestation Journaling” with Jimmy Clark on March 13th, at La Luz (135 Thames St., Brooklyn, NY)

This program is designed to teach people how to utilize Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Astrology, to create “Magick”, through the specific Art and practice of “Manifestation Journaling”.
Since the dawn of time the Moon has watched over the Earth and has provided Humankind with a multitude of functions such as acting as a time-keeping device for daily life, a calendar for tracking the wheel of the year, and it is a source of light in the darkness (both figuratively and literally). It is and has been revered as a focal point of worship and praise in cultures across the world. The Moon is our watchful guardian; the Triple Goddess embodied symbolically as Maiden, Mother, and Crone (or Youth, Maturity, and Wisdom) that ancient and modern people have honored and celebrated. She is Lady to the Lord Sun and she controls the tides of the Earth, but also the tides of our own human biology and physiology, after all, the Earth’s surface is mostly covered in water (approximately 71%), and our bodies are mostly made of water (up to 60%),.. and the Moon influences both.

As the tides shift on the Earth, the tides of our bodies also sway and our emotions, thoughts, and physical comfort level are all affected and influenced. Advances in modern science, and on-going research efforts continue to validate the “pagan” beliefs and practices that have existed for centuries regarding “Moon Magick”. The Moon performs many roles in this program; It acts as our guide as we drift from darkness, to light, and back again. It provides us with spiritual insights, as well as multitudes of symbolism. She is the oldest clock whose face we look upon every day to mark the hours of the night, and to monitor our organic cycles and man-made plans.

Journaling is a practice that helps people free up mental, and emotional space, that easily manifests into the creation of space in the physical world in which we live. It’s like a type of personal house cleaning, where you get to clear out all of the old, useless, outdated clutter that accumulates in a persons’ mind, creating stress, anxiety, frustration, as well as many other blockages that hinder happiness, contentment, and creativity.
It is a safe space where we check in daily, but where we also monitor long term goals. It’s a place where we brainstorm and draw conclusions; a private space where we can be ourselves, and speak our minds freely, without fear or judgement. Journaling is really where the Magick happens, it’s where we make commitments in writing, and where our words find a place to exist outside of the abstract world.
In this program a wealth of information on Moon Magick And Manifestation Journaling is provided and applied to prompts, and exercises for the purpose of Life Planning, Scheduling, and Goal Identification, Implementation and Achievement.


Program Features:

•Lunar Cycles, Astrology, and Schedule / Planning
• Astrological Life Planning
• Exploration of various Journaling Modalities
• Tips and Advice on Cultivating a Faithful Daily Journaling and Manifestation Practice
• Traditions, Descriptions, Meanings, and Metaphysical Aspects Of Each Cycle
• Techniques, exercises and practices to use Moon Magick to manifest your desires
• Techniques, exercises and practices to use Moon Magick to manifest your desires
• Practical Application and Integration of Moon Magick for Life-Planning, Scheduling, and Goal Setting


The program has been developed to be easily understood by anyone that attempts it regardless of previous experience or knowledge pertaining to Moon Magick and/or Manifestation Journaling.


Workshop Focus For March 13, 2016:

Waxing Crescent Moon: “Moon Of Inspiration” “Moon Of Fortification”
Inspiration: Noun – “A force that makes someone want to do or create something” Fortification: Noun – “Something that defends, or strengthens”
Themes: Inspiration.
Making plans; Laying Foundations; and Instinct and intuition; Courage; Motivation

We really need everyone attending to pre-register. Jimmy has specific materials that he will be providing to each attendant.
Limited capacity, to ensure quality.

Registration: $35 (available on Eventbrite) | RSVP on Facebook by clicking here.

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