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Massive Underground Salt Mine in Transylvania Holds Sci-Fi Theme Park

Deep within a subterranean salt mine in Transylvania, a massive sci-fi theme park exists called Salina Turda.

Featuring a glowing Ferris wheel, mini-golf, and an underground lake – this tourist attraction is anything but ordinary.

Salina Turda has been mined since the 11th century (perhaps dating back to the Roman Empire), and production peaked in World War I. The mine closed in 1932, and was then in limbo for about 60 years. In between, it was used as a bomb shelter, and for storing cheese (to this day, it is still partially used for that purpose as well).
In 1992, Salina Turda was transformed into the theme park it is today. Visitors enter the Salina Turda park through centuries-old vertical shafts once used to transport miners. Lowered 120 meters (394 feet) through the beautiful marbled salt walls, they descend into something that looks like a futuristic colony built after humanity had to retreat underground to rebuild civilization.

According to Atlas Obscura:

Inside they will find an 180-seat amphitheater, a carousel, ping-pong tables, basketball hoops, mini-golf, and bowling. Old machinery still stands within the underground expanse and some of it is used to lead people on tours. For many, the real show-stopper is the Terezia Mine, a vast, cone-shaped chamber with an underground lake created by salt waste deposited over the years. Boats are available for rent to explore the lake and a Ferris wheel allows visitors to get a closer look at the cave’s many stalactites.
Not feeling the carnival rides? The mine is used as a health spa where the cool temperature, high humidity, and clean air are said to help with respiratory ailments.
If that’s not enough, Salina Turda also has free wi-fi.

To learn more about this fascinating attraction, watch the video below!

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