Practical Magic(k)

Practical Magic(k): How to Cast Spells

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.” – Ralph Hodgson

Belief is the most powerful tool you can use when it comes to practicing magick. It is the foundation upon which you build your reality – and without a firm foundation, the architecture of your dreams may not be made manifest as you truly wish.

Whether we realize it or not, our beliefs are formed with the words we use about ourselves, our lives, and our desires. We become subconsciously programmed with these words, and in time, the stories we’ve crafted will appear through our experiences, as mirrors to what we’ve told ourselves we are (or what we deserve).


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The words we choose to use, are our life’s own magick spell…vibrations of sound we’ve cast into the aether, that manifest in our reality, usually without us even being aware. However, when we become aware, and place attention to the words we choose, we can then write our “story” and deliberately create the results we consciously desire.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” – William S. Burroughs

With this series being titled “Practical Magic(k)”, the intention is to provide practical tools to understand how to implement magical concepts into your every day life – so, the tips I’m providing need not be viewed as something beyond the level of comprehension for an initiate into metaphysical practice.

To create your own “spell” in order to manifest a result you’re looking for, the exercise below is an easy way to create with words being the magical instrument.

What you’ll need…


  • A notebook that resonates with you, preferably something with an aesthetic you really love. This notebook is to be used SOLELY for this experiment – so something small is ideal.
  • 1 black pen (black ink relates to magical written work)
  • 1 green pen (green ink relates to attracting money, wealth and prosperity)
  • 1 blue pen (blue ink relates to transformation, change, new beginnings, dreams, imagination)

How it works…

  • Week one: Each day (for the next seven days) upon rising, take your notebook – and write out five specific things you’d like to see yourself feeling, in black ink, as if you already are. IE: “I AM HAPPY”, “I AM IN LOVE”, “I AM LIVING WITH EFFORTLESS EASE”. You must write each desire beginning with “I AM”, in capital letters. FullSizeRender-1
    • The next step is to write your desires, backwards next to each (see photo bel0w). Repeat this process every day over the next week, first writing the “I AM” forward, then writing it backwards.                          FullSizeRender-2
  • Week two: Each day (for the next seven days) upon rising, take your notebook – and write out five specific things you’d like to see yourself having, in green ink, as if you already have it. IE: “I HAVE A $5,000.00 BONUS FROM WORK”, “I HAVE A PLANE TICKET TO INDIA”, “I HAVE A PUBLISHING DEAL WITH ____”, “I HAVE A WONDERFUL SOUL MATE”, ETC.
    • Repeat the same process as week one, writing the desire backwards next to each. Do this each day over the next 7 days.
  • Week three: Each day (for the next seven days) upon rising, take your notebook – and write out five specific things you’d like to see yourself being, in blue ink, as if you’re already are. IE: “I AM A BEST SELLING AUTHOR”, “I AM THRIVING IN MY CAREER”, “I AM A POWERFUL INFLUENCER”, “I AM FULLY ALIGNED WITH MY HIGHEST POTENTIAL”.
    • Repeat the same process as week one and two, writing the desire backwards next to each (leave enough room on the page if your desire is longer).
  • Week four: Each day (for the next seven days) upon rising, take your notebook and write out five things you ARE (doing, being, or having) – both forwards and backwards.
  • Week five: Go through your notebook, and highlight each desire that was actually made manifest, and try to recall what feeling you associated with it. The feeling associated with the words you wrote, is the anchor that gives weight to the word – in order for it to transform into an actualized experience.

In experimenting through experience, you may come to see that through training the mind, and utilizing words, belief and feelings as a bio-mechanical “technology” – this exercise can prove to be a powerful way to will what you will into being, and life can be as magickal as you allow.

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