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Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Augoeides

Augoeides is a Pythagorean term relating to the “luminous body”, or higher ascended beings of light (or deva, “divine being”). This type of being is a collective (shared) consciousness, and are tasked with overseeing the evolution of mankind.

According to H.P. Blavatsky‘s definition of the Augoeides:

“The most substantial difference consisted in the location of the immortal or divine spirit of man. While the ancient Neoplatonists held that the Augoeides never descends hypostatically into the living man, but only more or less sheds its radiance on the inner man – the astral soul – the Kabalists of the Middle Ages maintained that the spirit, detaching itself from the ocean of light and spirit, entered into man’s soul, where it remained through life imprisoned in the astral capsule. This difference was the result of the belief of Christian Kabalists, more or less, in the dead letter of the allegory of the fall of man.”

Aleister Crowley believed the term to refer to the Holy Guardian Angel of Abramelin; the Atman of Hinduism, or the Daemon of the ancient Greeks – while Robert Lomas associates the term with the Higher Self or soul of the individual

To learn more about this concept, refer to “The Constitution of a Human Being” from the Blavatsky Archives.

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