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Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week: Atomic Consciousness

“Christ when He said: “the kingdom of God is within you,” thus pointing all human atoms to the centre of life or energy within themselves, and teaching them that from and through that centre they must expand and grow. Each one of us is conscious of being centred within himself;” ― Alice A. Bailey

The word consciousness comes from two Latin words: con (with), and scio (to know) – and the word literally means “that with which we know”. Atomic consciousness is an esoteric term for “world consciousness”, and “the state of being aware”, or the condition of perceiving, the ability to respond to stimuli, the faculty of recognizing contacts, and the power to synchronize vibration.

According to Laurency.com:

“The individual as a joint owner of a consciousness collective is like a cell in an organism. The organism is an envelope of an individual in a higher kingdom. When in the collective consciousness of his world the individual has so developed that he can take over this material world as an envelope of his own, then he will be a ‘god’ of this world.

Atomic consciousness, world consciousness, omniscience (in that world) does not mean that the individual knows everything about everything that is or happens. But it is possible for him to find out more or less quickly everything he wishes to know, independently of space and past time in a given world, to ascertain all relations in the three aspects (matter, motion, and consciousness) of that world.”

To learn more about this concept, the following lecture entitled “The Evolution of Consciousness” by Alice Bailey is a helpful guide to better understanding the deeper significance of the atom/consciousness.

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