About the Year of the Fire Monkey and the Aquarian New Moon on February 8th, 2016

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Today at 9:39AM (EST) we will be segueing into the Aquarian New Moon.


According to author and astrologer, AT Mann, this particular alignment will bring about a complicated series of messages and energies, stating:

“The heavens are so dense and complicated in their messages these days that the Aquarian New Moon on Monday 8 February at 9:39AM EST will demonstrate these principles to us. Aquarius is one of the few zodiac signs with a double ruler (with Scorpio and Pisces), both the restrictive, constraining and definite relationship boundaries of Saturn contrasted with the need for freedom, individuality and independence of Uranus, and in addition it just so happens that Saturn and Uranus are in a trine aspect to each other in fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. So as a result this dynamic will have a strong effect on fire sign people, as well as those with planets in Aquarius. Thus we discover that our ideals are being shattered almost daily, our heroes shown to be mere players and our sense of collective parity has gone down the drain ages ago. This is a provocative time for us all. That the new moon luminaries are in the eleventh house of the lunation chart shows us that our leaders’ ideals are also highly questionable. This is quite sad and depressing.

While Pluto remains in Capricorn, it is lightened considerably by the presence of Venus and Mercury, which have passed it in recent days, and this transforms our aesthetic sense with strange and unusual imagery, but also an artistic and creative burst of inspiration that is quite widespread, mainly because this trinity aspects almost every other planet in the chart. Since Venus affects the form of Mercurial ideas due to this configuration, we can say that emotionally accentuated intellect is the keyword for this time, especially since Capricorn occupies the Midheaven of the chart.

The square of the above to Uranus in Aries in the twelfth shows that these emotional ideas arise suddenly and inexplicably, however they are also unlikely to last very long as that is in the Uranian nature of such things, so one wants to act quickly to record and work on them before they vanish. The trine of the MC combination to Jupiter and the North Node, both in the analytical and critical Virgo shows that we want to look deeper, and especially to find correlations to our overall world view or belief system. Collectively this is happening, that many people are either being forced to notify or change their views or endanger losing them, or seeing them invalidated in front of their eyes.

The opposite South Node is conjunct the wounded asteroid Chiron and this indicates that we need to learn how to be good to ourselves more regularly and with urgency, and also to enable us to discharge deeply held feelings arising from caring from others more than ourselves. This constellation is very complex, as you can see (and maybe feel), so we need to keep much in mind and also learn to release such thoughts through mindfulness practices.

That Mars in the sign it rules, Scorpio is also in the mix does bring the potential for deeper issues arising, for sudden deaths, for thoughts of mortality (look at the recent passings of rock stars from the 70s?) and possibly violent expressions of frustrations with the status quo. Saturn in Sagittarius also plays its part because of the energy expended on foreign feelings of restriction and the need to restructure our identity in the face of such rapidly changing world affairs. We are often shocked at finding the need to rebrand ourselves, even if we dislike the term, but the reality is that such changes of belief, viewpoint and philosophy of life can have a profoundly disorienting effect on us, as we can see and feel with our friends, family and loved ones.

The only planet that isn’t really a part of the complicated constellation is Neptune resting in early Pisces, residing in the twelfth house where its energies are natural. Spiritual and psychic concerns are likely to be near the surface in these days, which means dreams that might be premonitory, brushes with our inner psychology and its mechanisms, and if working on our ways of seeing ourselves and the world, we need a more encompassing pattern recognition in order to come to grips with this.

Even today in the NYTimes magazine is an article demonstrating that current psychotherapeutic practices are becoming so specific, so complicated by social, sexual, gender, political, religious and spiritual issues that it is changing the face (and inner realities) of any healing practice. I am particularly aware of this issues as thirty years ago I proposed in Astrology and the Art of Healing in 1987 that given our lifelong complexity and the contradictory nature of our modern world, and the dissolution of long held belief systems decaying, that we all need various therapeutic systems, sometimes in concert with each other, in order to even break even with our arising psychological situations. As those of you who have had readings know, all of these issues are integral to all of us and we need to be able to at least see them, if not figure out how to keep the dissolving energies even temporarily at bay.”

To learn more about the astrological significance of this day, and what to expect – please be sure to visit AT Mann’s official website by clicking here.


We are also new entering the Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology – and this bodes for an intense set of energies as well. Sooth-sayers and feng shui masters both foretell this coming year will bring about 12 months of political and financial turbulence.  The monkey is seen as belonging to the hard metal element, while fire represents the sun – and this particular mix means mischief and unpredictability.

 According to Hong Kong-based celebrity feng shui master Alion Yeo:

“When the two things combine, it creates an extremely high temperature. We have to be prepared for a lot of disputes, sickness,” he told AFP.

“One can even associate fire and metal with missiles, bullets or rockets,” he said.

Hong Kong-based soothsayer Thierry Chow warned of shocking events at the hands of the “fire monkey”, stating:

“Fire is dominant in the five elements. When fire is atop monkeys they will be swinging around, they will be difficult to predict. A lot of things will be unexpected,” said Chow.

The last fire monkey year happened in 1956, when Britain and France invaded Egypt during the Suez Canal crisis, a pivotal event that historians believe marked the demise of British imperial power.

But while the monkey may bring instability, it could also herald major innovation, said Chow, as technology falls into the “fire” category.

“There could be major breakthroughs in solar-powered energy, fire-related technologies, or the Internet,” she told AFP.

To learn more about the Lunar Year of the Fire Monkey, click here.



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